JorZine - Nervecell - Psychogenocide

Nervecell - Psychogenocide

Label: Lifeforce Records / Spellbind Records

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-05

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7/10 8/10 8.5/10 9/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Shunq, Driven By Nescience

Back in 2008, when Nervecell released their first opus, “Preaching Venom”, it was a key point in the time line of the Middle Eastern metal community, it raised the bar of the music quality back then, brought lot of international feedback, and that made Nervecell the “Behemoth” of our local Middle Eastern scene. So it was logically to call their new album “Psychogenocide” the most anticipated album of the Middle East for this year.

First thing you gona notice that the band kept the same traditions from “Preaching Venom”, 10 tracks, two instrumentals, one of them being the opening  track which is more is oriental this time. Then our journey to hell  kick off with “Upon An Epidemic Scheme”, a mix of brutality, face ripping Death Metal riffs, and Melodic, sometimes Technical solos. Something aint new for Nervecell fans, who had listened to Preaching Venom over the past three years.


The band keep this formula for the next few songs, slight changes in the speed, different solos, but yet, the band don’t try to give us something new or special apart from what we had already heard in the first album. This continues until “Shunq ( To The Despaired ...King Of Darkness )” arrive, the song with the legendary Karl Sanders, the song, with its Arabic lyrics, show us Nervecell in a more brutal form,  and having Karl on it make it sound closer to a Nile song.


“The Taste Of Betrayal”, the instrumental piece, was like a nice break to rest your ears, a nice soft slow progression, and it was like the calm before the storm, cause the next, last, two tracks are the best of “Psychogenocide”. In “Driven By Nescience” and “Nation's Plague” , Nervecell show more experimenting and changing with their familiar sound, for example; “Nation’s Plague” have some electronics on its intro, the two songs sounded more developed, complex and progressive to some extent than the other stuff in the album, my point is, from “Shunq” and beyond, is the Nervecell I wanted to hear with their new album, because as one of my most favorite Arabian band, I wanted them to keep give us something breaking the standards of the Arabian Metal scene, as they did with “Preaching Venom”.


The Album production, is for sure far better from “Preaching Venom” , yet they kept it a little raw, to keep the sense of old school death metal on it, which is gona please the Death Metal fans for sure. All in all they delivered a high quality record to be added to our scene catalogue, something that for sure will help its development and bringing more recognition from the international scene.


At the end, Nervecell continues to be the Behemoth of our scene with this album, although it didn’t raise up to my expectation, but at least it didn’t disappointed us, and for sure, next Nervecell is gona be the most anticipated release too.


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