JorZine - Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

Label: Metal Blade Records

Reviewer: Joey Jadam - 2012-09-05

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8.5/10 8/10 8.5/10 9/10 8/10

Highlights:  Destroyer of the Universe, For Victory or Death

NB: you might get a little confused about my point of view while reading this, nit this should make things more lucid: The positive comments are after the first time I listened to this album, the negative comments are after the 100th time and after much pondering, trying to find bad stuff about the album, and rethinking. But in the end I still think this is an amazing piece of work!

Here is what I’d say was the most anticipated album of 2011. I remember the exact day it came out when all my metalhead friends were telling me how they just got the new album, how amazing it is and that I should go get it right now etc. thinking they’re the most tr00 people ever. And then I’d nonchalantly say “haha loser! I got it a 2 weeks ago on uTorrent” leaving them all in awe and astonishment. A great day it was, seeing all those people celebrating a great piece of work from a band that has carried me across all my years of listening to metal and was always the most talked about metal band when it came to me and my friends. Can you think of anything cooler than Vikings?!

Whenever it comes to a much anticipated album, you always have a bunch of critics saying “it wasn’t as good as we expected, oh what a disappointment…” Well Bull****! I hate critics who only criticize. That was the case here too, just check Metalstorm’s Surtur Rising reviews and you’ll see. But any experienced metalhead would know that this is an amazing album upon listening to it. Nothing new for Amon Amarth.

Although I’m having second thoughts now, for a long while I knew that this is my favorite Amon Amarth album yet. And I’ll tell you why: it’s the heavy as ever, the catchiest yet, the easiest to listen to, and has the best riffs. But then again that might have been a mere result of my ecstasy towards the much hyped release. 

I can’t say there was anything new when it came to lyrics; although there was a much lesser focus on Vikings, the lyrics still took on fighting for your freedom, war… yeah that’s pretty much it. So it’s safe to say that Amon Amarth haven’t progressed lyrically and maybe even took a few steps back there. However, Amon have sure progressed musically. They’ve come back with a new sound, yet still keeping that special touch we’ve all gotten used to can easily recognize. The band has mixed things up this time. Their influences have expanded and have become more “2011” if that’s ok to say… their sound is becoming more like many other Melodeath Metal bands today, and I hope they can go back to what got us all in love with them, because I do like this album now, but if they give me more stuff like this in the next few years I’m gonna end up yawning my ears away. I’m not saying going mainstream is that bad of a thing to happen, but then again, it might be disappointing to some. It’s not very important, but I must mention the album art for a second, for it’s truly amazing, I even have it as a poster in my room.

There’s not much else to say about this album because there nothing more new about it than what I’ve already mentioned; still the same old Amon Amarth, still epic, still great songwriters. Not as good as “With Oden on Our Side” or “Twilight of The Thunder God”, but still a great Amon Amarth album that the band and the fans should hold their head up high while listening to or talking about.


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