JorZine - Exile - Dead Thrashers Rising

Exile - Dead Thrashers Rising

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Muhannad Saleh - 2012-09-05

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  I prefer listening to the whole EP

Thrash metal is one of the hardest genres to review, because unlike other genres thrash metal bands got a lot of influences, a lot of mixtures of many kinds of music till this day there is no stranded sound to thrash, that’s why am one of the people who don’t believe in “The Big 4” myth, so when you come to review a thrash metal album there is nothing you can use to compare it to, each good thrash metal band got its own sound, in fact each era of thrash metal got its own thing, its own vibe, the only thing that all thrash metal bands got in common is the attitude. 


Exile is a thrash metal band from Jordan and they are one of the bands that we in Jorzine consider that they have a chance to make something out of themselves and I really hope so, because frankly am sick of all Slayer's fans doing death metal albums and go to their mothers jumping with "HEY I DID SOMETHING NEW TO THE METAL WORLD" look on their faces. Doom metal is too boring to me, am not a big fan of Opeth "shoot me", and I don’t like power metal, black metal or symphonic and progressive is just too complicated for me to understand. So my only escape is Thrash. Did you watch Hangover 2, if not do yourself a favor, don’t! Its more disappointing than Metallica's St. Anger And Britney Spears' shaved head all together 


Ok let’s cut the crap, I won’t review this album track by track, I will simply tell you what I found interesting in this album, at first Exile is one of the bands who live in our modern world, yet their heart is in the late 80s, they belong to the era when thrash started slowly to give birth to death metal, if I have to explain what I mean by this to you, then you are one of those people who still don’t know where babies come from. 


After listening to Exile I got the idea that the goal of this band is to bring thrash back to life. And oh there is a big chance they do that!, I can’t tell you what exile are, but I can tell you what exile are not.


They are not like those guitar pro nerds who memorize few thrash riffs and try really hard to mix them together!, they are not one of those bands who come up shockingly with a riff and keep repeating it over and over again, till you feel your ears are getting fucked by 2 toes and a tooth stick, they are not one of those bands who got musicians who can’t wait to show how good fast they are, by the way thrash was never about speed! Just thought I throw that in the air!, however that doesn’t mean that Exile didn’t do some amazing thrashing riffs & solos, Nader do know his way around the guitar and he is one hell of a composer; he doesn’t do the famous copy/paste move that I started to notice in a lot of bands. For God's sake people, get over Master Of Puppets! 


As for drums, well if you are into the Jordanian metal scene and don’t know Mahmoud Tayem then simply fuck you!, at first this guy don’t go blast beating and double pedal at every God damn moment of the song, he knows when and where and how to use the double pedal, which I have no idea why but Jordanian drummers tend to think of it as the miracle of our modern life right after electricity, I bet you that there is a guy who is trying to learn how to use the double pedal before he even knows that drummers use 2 sticks not one. As for Ibrahim on bass, well, how about you listen to the band and see for yourself.


Although that the demo got only 4 tracks but Exile managed to keep this demo interesting with a very great work at handling the timing and changing it. Exile also knew where and how to add few melodies in their songs, as for the quality, well its good and it really fits the band's style and sound. 


Dead Thrashers Rising is a great example of how much Jordanian and Middle Eastern Metal has improved, composing wise, if you are a thrash metal fan who is into the underground sound of thrash in the 80’s then go ahead and listen to the demo, you have my blessing. 


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