JorZine - Motor Militia - Cloaked In Darkness

Motor Militia - Cloaked In Darkness

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-05

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6.5/10 6/10 6.5/10 6/10 6/10

Highlights:  I couldn't pick a highlight

Motor Militia, is one of the first Bahraini metal bands, released their debut album, “The Sound of Violence”, back in 2004. Although I didn’t hear it, and I tried hardly to find anything from this album in the internet to see how the band sounded back then but nothing was there, anyway, I can still make guess it was low in quality, and this could be acceptable by 2004 standards, now we are in 2011, way more different time, and even the Bahraini scene is more different, we heard lot of great stuff in the past years coming from there, Thee PROjECT have one of the most unique sounds in our scene, while Smouldering In Forgotten last year album “I, Devourer” was one of the best albums I ever heard in the middle east, and not forgetting Narjahanam 2007s masterpiece. What am trying to say, that the second coming for Motör Militia will not  be easy one,  with their scene had took a really great steps forward since 2004, and putting in mind that the they had shared the stage with heavy names as Nervecell, Decapitated and Sybreed, I believe we should not accept anything coming from them and say; “Well, they did their best, things are difficult in the Middle Eastern Metal scene, you know the obstacles to do a metal album in Arabic Country”.  


When I first heard “Al Nakba” unmixed demo, which is by the way the album opener, I said; “Wooh, if this is the unmixed demo, then sure the album version will be some real shit”, but I was wrong, it was shitty, regardless the cool riffs, the mix and quality is shit, I even believe the demo quality was far .. far way better than the final version. Seriously, it sound like a destroyed demo for a band playing in the ruins of an old garage. For moments you hear one of the guitars just like a noise in the background, and when the solo goes on, damn .. I will not talk about this part, it’s not about the solo itself, but just ,, just check yourself if you gona have this album .. and when Mahmood Abdul Ghaffar trying to do the harsh vocals, you better turn down the volume, better mute it, cause the dude who mixed and mastered this stuff just want give your ears an infinite sore.


I will not go further, cause I still want my ears so I can do another reviews, since the rest of the album is in the same vein, but I want to tell you something before you start or you might already started to say am over reacting, I wana tell you that actually there are some good riffs and solos here and there to be honest, and not to cool it down for the band, like those in “Through My Dominion” or those in the final track of the album “From Damnation”. Also the lyrics here are going to catch the attention of many Arabic metalheads.


My final comments, we are in the second decade of the 21th century, and many people and bands from the Middle East metal scene started to understand that, and they are either trying their best to release their stuff in a tolerable quality, or simply call it a DEMO. Simply, the production have assassinated “Cloaked In Darkness”,  an album that could be something .. turned into nothing...  Motör Militia, you are better than this.


I wouldn’t recommend this album to anyone, except to those who are highly interested in the Bahraini and/or Middle East scene. But if you already got it, and Motor Militia is playing somewhere near by you, go and check them out, and I bet they will sound one million time better than what they are in this record.v


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