JorZine - Wolf - Legions of Bastards

Wolf - Legions of Bastards

Label: Century Media Records

Reviewer: Mohsen Fayyazi - 2012-09-04

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Most of the tracks are highlights

Wolf is a heavy metal band from Orebro, Sweden formed in 1995. Wolf makes a kind of Metal that is combines NWOBHM and German Power Metal. This reminds you of good old 80's Heavy Metal, the modern sound of 80's Heavy Metal though. The band's vocalist Niklas Stålvind’s singing style reminds me of Rob Halford and Andi Deris from Helloween.


Waiting for Legions of Bastards, the sixth studio album from Wolf, was not so persecutor because the previous LP, Ravenous, was so great to hear that can be enjoyed for a long time. Legions of Bastards, starts with 3 heavy songs full of energy and heavy riffs. This brings back the memory of Judas Priest’s Painkiller for you. However don't expect to hear the awesome solos that Glen Tipton played on that masterpiece. Listening to Skull Crusher, for example makes you feel the sharpness of Wolf's teeth on your flesh. In my opinion this song could be the album’s best. The contrast between vocals and guitar in this song is simply spectacular.


In this album Niklas has also injected that screechy style that he has counted on in previous albums. Listen to The False Preacher for example, he sings outstandingly in that song. I think Jekyll & Hyde is also an exceptional track on Legions of Bastards, the lyrics are influenced by Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson’s Scottish novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the middle of this song, guitars start playing a simple riff, and getting ready for the solo, although this sound simple, but that riff is a sign of creativity for the composer.


I'm sure that most fans are satisfied with this album but I believe the previous album was more technical and heavier than this. Best of luck for Wolf in future endeavors.


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