JorZine - Chalice of Doom - Immemorial Nightfall

Chalice of Doom - Immemorial Nightfall

Label: Satanarsa Records

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-05

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Highlights:  Licking The Dagger, Curtains Of Hell, Endless Prison

After releasing their promising EP “October Bled” last year, and 2 singles after it, Chalice of Doom had finally released their awaited debut album, “Immemorial Nightfall”, with 10 tracks, nine originals and one cover for Saturnus song “I Long”, which is very obvious choice, since it’s one of the band main influences, and you can sense the Saturnus influence almost all over the album.


Starting with an Atmospheric/Acoustic Intro, that build up the bleaky mood for your ride through “Immemorial Nightfall”. The first song “Follow the Rains” begins with some heavy riffs and double bass drums, then Fares Swedan starts his “Improved” harsh vocals, I said Improved, cause putting in mind “October Bled” EP, his voice now is Deeper, Catchier and more fitting with the overall atmosphere of his band, the  song continues to alter between the heavy parts and melodic doomy lighter parts, where Azmo Lozmodial do an amazing job with his Keys and Synthesizers. With the song outro, comes a Ahmad Seffo solo, which I must say, I didn’t excepted it to be that good!.


Second Song, “To Dust I Shall Return”, a previously released as a single, but this time featuring a guest vocalist by Seira, and the truth to be said, it doesn’t that much for the original version. “Cries of Candles” begins with an haunting gloomy intro, and then continues with slow, heavy riffs, until Ahmad Seffo comes again, and again, he impress me up with his solo!, and he keeps doing this for the next songs “Licking the Dagger”, “Serenade For The Lost” & “Wounds and Wine”.


“Immemorial Nightfall” keep the same pace of Melancholy, and lock us in this dark forest of Doom, until my best track comes “Curtains Of Hell, Gateways Of Heaven”, Heavier, Faster than anything else in the album, just proving that Chalice of Doom have the guts to go further and touch the heavier side of Doom Metal.The album close with a previously released single, “Endless Prison” and then the well done Saturnus cover, and as sited in the beginning, you can hear Saturnus in the most of “Immemorial Nightfall” songs.


Frankly, Chalice of Doom did a really good solid Doom album here, maybe they didn’t bring up so many original ideas, but the overall musicianship, for a debut full-length, is quite promising. May be the production still not quite high enough to show the band full talent, but it’s good enough for the Doom fans to have a highly enjoyable album, that have couple of highlights here and there, that me myself, that not so Doom Metal guy, I believe gona check them again once in  awhile. Next time Chalice of Doom gona record an album, I will  be looking to hear them with more better recording sound, and more diverse ideas, putting  this together with their talented line-up, am sure they can give something even more.


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