JorZine - Thee PROjECT - TerroriZer

Thee PROjECT - TerroriZer

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-11

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Terrorizer, The Dyke Killer

I am the Anti-Bahraini Metal dude, yes I am, I can’t get it, its unfair , its totally immoral, how the Bahraini metalheads are handling this, and still accepting this, I really wana ask our friends in Bahrain, HOW CAN YOU HANDLE THE AWESOMNESS OF THEE PROjECT!!! 


I heard couple of Thee Project songs before, but I was unfortunate to get their first album, and this EP, TerroriZer , is my first full experience with these maniacs, seriously , they bring the insanity of System of A Down, and Devin Townsend, and mix it all together with their own craziness, and you get straight from hell Experi-Mental stuff. 


You can expect every-single-fucking-thing here, for moments you think you are in a Death Metal song, or even Grindcore as in the middle “The Ground (The Killer V)” , Thrashy as in the title track “Terrorizer (The Tyre Burner)”, Alternative/Nu Metal vibe in the opener “Samboosa (The Hindi Fetish)” or “Dear User (The Proxy Hunter)”, and the later have one of the best solos I ever heard in an Arabian metal release. And when you reach “Die Shooji (The Dyke Killer)”, one of my most favorite track here, oh, you can’t describe anything other than “THEE PROjECT Metal”!! 


Its really an incredible EP, something unique for your ears, out of the typical Arabian tendency to copy paste International Metal Acts, THEE PROjECT continues to be one of the bands that represent the fresh air in our Middle Eastern scene, with their originality, and the quality, they really gona blew your mind, and there Terrorizer EP will hit the top of your end of the year best releases list. GO AND DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! , but be aware, these are very “SICK” stuff, you been told!!


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