JorZine - The Oracle, What Was, Is And Could Have Been

The Oracle, What Was, Is And Could Have Been

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Moustapha Laithy - 2012-09-05

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Obsidian Walls” and "Rebirth.

"All Else Fails" a band from Canada with their third released album "The Oracle, What Was, Is And Could Have Been" comes with a wired, freaky lovable mixture between punk, Metalcore, Heavy, Symphonic and Nu Metal ... Which I would like to call "crossover" the genres, highly influenced by "Five Finger Death Punch" "As I Lay Dying", "Killswitch Engage", "Static X", And "Alexis On Fire". But they are mainly Metalcore though. That mixture would be more than enough to satisfy your ears. 


With a great poetic, and life of apocalyptic symbolism lyrical theme. They had come to break the traditional  Metalcore genre to put a lot of other genres influences. When you first listen to this album you'll just be get the "wow " moments because of the freaking mixture they did in their tracks, you think you’re going to listen to traditional Metalcore , but hey, they'll freak you out with this their symphonic, melodic sense in some of their tracks like "Overture" , and  "The Oracle ".


Maybe in other tracks you'll feel the pure "Nu Metal" sound mixed with "Metalcore" in its intros, solos, drumming, and I could name some tracks like " Monster Eats The Pilot " "The House At The End Of The World" And " Sludge Factory " and the acoustic track "This World In Flames ". There is a tracks that you would find it extremely Metalcore, Hardcore, Deathcore, but with the lack of breakdowns which the ’core fans won't like much, and what makes Metalcore special than other are the breakdowns in it, so I guess they got to look out for this point. But you'll surely adore these tracks “Obsidian Walls” and  "Rebirth" which has some likely breakdowns. 


There are some great solo's out there . But it need to be more with an inside sense of the track lyrical theme more than speed shredding, tapping, arpeggios or sweeping, but it's really lovable though. The drumming is really awesome, specially the drumming intro's in some of the tracks .  “The Oracle, What Was, Is And Could Have Been”, is an album you should give a listen to it. A twelve  Track's album with a lot of pleasure and amusement to listen to. This is one hell of an album that will be fun listening to, without being bored. You dont buy this album, then you will miss a lot.


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