JorZine - Acyl - The Angels Sin

Acyl - The Angels Sin

Label: M&O MUSIC

Reviewer: Kawtar Freyja - 2012-09-05

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  The Birth of an Idea, Obduracy

You’re sick of hearing your usual types of music? Tired of hearing the same songs over and over?! Or searching for something new witha new sound and special instruments - the world of Music has the power to bring you new stuff!!! So take the risk and listen to this band “Acyl “you won't be disappointed!


Acyl is an experimental ethnic Metal band, As they describe them selves but I rather say a unique band to describe them anyway its name suggests (in Arabic, Acyl means "Genuine"authentic).They are a French/Francophone English singing band with North African origins, Their First extended play album in March now “ THE ANGEL’S SIN”. In fact it contains oriental influences mixed with an Arabic flavor and some wonderful instrument like Bendirs, Karkabous, Guesba or Gumbri that you never heard…When you Hear it for the first time it's possible to think of Arkan their album Hilal, in this case, it is not surprising since members of both teams stood side by side but Acyl have an Amusing sound, and what is more fascinating about this CD it’s a good quality. My first impression was: who are they? Also the title of the album made me curious, well I give it a listen then the songs blow my mind away! “The Evil’s Depths “at first the music was so refreshing and sad but the rhythm was hypnotic…the sound track me down it makes you want to hear more, also the lyrics were so powerful makes you feel stronger; the second truck was in the beginning a moment of silence then I heard a sound took all my attention it was the traditional instrument “Bendirs” and the drums an amazing chemistry, the beat was high also The title was attractive. “The Birth of an Idea” that’s really creative. However, this song is filled with a lot of emotions. The 3erd song “The Alienation Of Authenticity” makes me feel almost nothing…it is mysterious, only “Obduracy” the last one; this song particularly I just loved it perhaps because at the last minutes their was some Arabic quotes and “Gnawa” (musicians originated from North & West Africa) sings but somehow every song I heard related to myself, this Album keep reminds me of my roots and my history…and I won’t forget the vocal voice it was exceptional his clean voice and scream lead you to hear him and to capture his message.


“The Angel’s Sin “is a great album it’s like an escape from reality seriously I’m speechless I don’t find the right words to describe this Album it’s too damn good, exlanent job Acyl!! He just rocked my world. Indeed I can’t wait there next label if it’s more creative than this one …WOW I’m done! We need to hear more Acyl; Two words guys listen and feel it.


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