JorZine - Anuryzm - Worms Eye View

Anuryzm - Worms Eye View

Label: Melodic Revolution Records

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-05

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Most of the tracks are highlights

Reading the biography of this band in their website, make you build a picture of how much passion they have, to do what they love the most, playing music! And after listening to their music, you can feel this passion, touch it and taste it, Ladies and Gentleman, you are about reading a review for one of the most promising new band from the Middle East, it's the Lebanese, UAE- based band, ANURYZM


Many metal fans from the middle east knew about Anuryzm and kept their eyes open for any update comes from their camp, especially after the announcing of the legendary drummer Martin Lopez [Ex-Opeth], joining forces with them as session drummer for their long awaited debut album Worm’s Eye View, and many high expectations were built, and tell you what those expectations are really met, not because of Martin Lopez drumming skills, no, not at all, because as I said above, this band have passion, and when you play with passion, you will hit the sky high with your music, and thats what the boys over the Anuryzm camp did, highly energetic riffs, thrashy yet progressive, bass line that you can hear and enjoy, and keeping the freshness all over the album from the beginning to the end. 


Some will think that this band is gona sound just another band trying to be the next Opeth, you know, Progressive Metal, and Martin Lopez plays the drums in the album, but thats totally have nothing to do with Anuryzm sound, except the epic album closer song “Where Mockery Falls”, which does have some Opethian moments, more over, I believe that Martin Lopez did not make any great big addition to the band sound, not am saying that his parts sound weak or something, but the album energy comes in the first place from the band guitarist John Bakhos, who gave the album an identity and signature with his playing techniques. And my best part, and the most surprising one for me, was Rami Lakkis, the band bassist, cause it's not regular, nor in the international scene neither the local one, to have a such skilled bassist, he really remind me with those bass lines you regularly hear in Tech Death Metal acts such asObscura and Necrophagist, and after I did a little search, I knew from where all this awesomeness come, since Rami is actually a local Jazz bassist, and have his own solo Jazz project. And above all this comes Nadeem vocals, who enriched the album with his unique vocals [at least for the Middle Eastern scene], and gave the album sound a more extended space and vibe. 


"Worm’s Eye View" is a great example of how our metal scene over the Middle East is moving forward, and getting more and more developed, so, if you are a UAE based metal fan, go and get your tickets for any new show you can hear that Auryzm playing in, if you are a Middle East based metal fan, just go and check their page, hear their songs, and be proud of this band coming from your region, if you are from outside the region, then please help us to spread the word over the whole metal world about this epic release, and order your copy when it come out. 



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