JorZine - Zora - Gore

Zora - Gore

Label: Bloodred Horizon Records

Reviewer: Moustapha Laithy - 2012-09-04

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7/10 7.5/10 7/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  Gore, Hipocrisy

Zora" is an Italian band formed in 2003, released  their first demo  in 2004 "Dismembered Human Race" moving to " U.V.A. (2005)", Which took this band through a lot, especially after " Flavio Tempesta" joining the band as the only guitar and doing vocals which is awesome. "Gore" their latest album, is on hell of a neck breaking headbanging brutal death music lines, some of the most awesome tracks you would never stop headbanging while listening to it , A strong vocals that would satisfy your ear . With this great headbanging riffs and awesome drum lines.... listen to "Zora" album and you would enjoy just every detail of its music lines. 


As the guitars goes with a hard neck breaking, and eardrum exploding riffs you'll just go insane, a great harmony between the guitars, drums, and the bass line that will explode your mind, and will make a hell of satisfaction to your ear. The vocals  has that rough full of tonality growling which is so interesting in so many ways ... with vocal lines that you can never get bored of it...the vocalist just make you  go insane and start to growl with him...This guy rocks ! 


As a conclusion for that album, it's a headbanging sound track, an easy way to get the anger out of you, great vocals, great music lines but they need to use some more English, and some more solos. This is an album you would regret a lot if u missed it. But you have to be a fan of brutal death and extreme metal to get into it, if you are, then this album you have to go and get it right away


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