JorZine - Despair - Depersonalization

Despair - Depersonalization

Label: CVLMINIS Records

Reviewer: Kassem - 2012-08-07

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7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  Obsession of Existence, Ego Threat

The first time that I heard about Despair it was four months ago when a friend of mine recommended that I listen to their split album with Eulen, "Enlightened". The track that Despair played, "Immortality of Shadows", was fantastic and I had such a high hopes for their upcoming album, "Depersonalization".


Despair is yet another underground black metal band from Damascus Syria, formed in 2009 by Wrath and Dead. Despair plays a blue mixture of atmospheric/depressive black metal with some post influences. The album starts with classical black metal beats with the accompanying sound of slow cold tones, more importantly though, the riffs are all varied and solid. They should consider dropping the drum machine though since it's not at all helping their music (even though the song, "Infinitives for Decay", was quite catchy). Black metal had some of it's finest moments in this album specially in songs like, "Obsession of Existence" and, "Ego Threat".

"Depersonalization" is the band's first debut album and was recorded and mastered at Old Hearth Studio. I must make an honorary mention to the great artwork designed by Hazem Mallah. In general "Depersonalization" is for everyone who is interested to check out some good, Syrian black metal in good quality. This album definitely gave me a reason to give any upcoming releases a listen.


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