JorZine - Morka Asyl - Self Agony

Morka Asyl - Self Agony

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-09-03

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Highlights:  Of Death And Drama

Egypt has stolen the lights lately with the brave revolutions that took place in North Africa; inciting many people around the world to know what Egypt is and what energy this country has. Many Extreme Metal gems have been born in Egypt and, today, Egypt is breeding a Doom Metal fruit with Death Metal influences called: "MÖRKA ASYL" ("The Dark Asylum" in Swedish).

MÖRKA ASYL have released their first demo album "Self Agony". With four tracks of acoustic passages and dusky melodies (influenced by Uaral and Empyrium), there were no Extreme Metal parts live in this demo. However, their new EP, "Eternal Solace", contains two Doom\Death metal tracks.


1 - Minnen (Memories)
2 - Of Death And Drama (Chapter I)
3 - Mirage (Chapter II)
4 - Oblivion

The atmosphere of the tracks remind me of Folk/Doom Metal band Uaral. The sound of the sea and streaming water draw up an image of a guitarist sitting below the sea and a person whispering to the clouded sky in a dramatic way. Sayed (the vocalist) tried to play a quite simple role, whispering the lyrics with his cold and frosty throat. No drum-line and bass-line have been constructed for any of the four tracks in this demo.

My only complaint about this demo is the lack of ideas and variations in the composition. Adding more effort in this demo could make it perfect but the band was satisfied with their brief amount of melodies.

"In a moment of clarity, I found myself in a lost,
In a middle of something I don't know,
I'm all alone, no one with me, but my shadow".

The demo didn't show many fresh ideas or variations, only one vocal style (which is only whispering), though the newest EP album showed more variations (such as growling). If you are looking for atmospheric, acoustic tracks to listen to under a rainy, winter sky, then, "Self Agony" may irrigate your thirst.


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