JorZine - H-George - Slaves Of Society

H-George - Slaves Of Society

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Anas Disi - 2012-08-07

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5.5/10 5.5/10 6/10 6.5/10 5/10

Highlights:  "Run Or You're Dead", "Death Penalty" and "Neurotic"

nother thrash revivalist album, and you thought you'd never get bored. But here in this case, you might as well get more than just bored. This album basically presents what you'd totally expect out of a band that's named "H-George": ultimate mediocrity or really bizarre stuff. Add to this fact that this is an Italian thrash act and you've got another solidifying addition to your Genericocktail.

The album kicks off with "Run Or You're Dead", which is a somewhat fast-paced, generic thrashy track. Nice to hear, does not get on one's nerves and goes by fast. By the time the song is concluded, you think that the fast opening track of any thrash album has been done and the time for the band to show its originality will begin. Yet, you listen and listen -- from beginning to end, and there is nothing to be really found except more and more cheesy, mediocre thrash. Songs like "Death Penalty", "Earthquake" and "Neurotic" contain a few exciting changes and it can be said that those tracks are not bad at all. With the last three tracks on the album, the band makes it known that they are only here to play C-grade thrash in its most ordinary form.

The riffs are very mediocre and sometimes sound annoying, the vocals are monotonous and rarely change (should they change, like in "Euthanasia" to growling, they turn out to be astoundingly horrible), the drums are as generic and medium-level as ever and the bass is inaudibly irrelevant. Lead guitar shows some promise, mainly due to the good-sounding solos in almost every song, especially in the final solo of "Neurotic"; nothing amazingly over-the-top but probably something I never got bored from in this boredom-inducing record.

All in all, the band is mediocre, the album was mediocre and it was almost a wholly irrelevant experience. Highlights are (personally): "Run Or You're Dead", "Death Penalty" and "Neurotic".


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