JorZine - Eyeresist - Between The Line

Eyeresist - Between The Line

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Anas Disi - 2012-09-05

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7.5/10 7.5/10 8/10 7/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Between The Lines" and "Cold Chamber.

Before starting or going any further with this review, I must state that I'm not a fan of metalcore; not even a casual listener. Few metalcore bands have succeeded in not being closed by less than half of the song's length by me, and I expected that with downloading Eyeresist's EP "Between The Line", many of the songs would suffer from the same fate as their predecessors. Yet, against my expectations, I actually did not close songs before completion, but at some songs, I even longed for them to continue, and to be honest, I expected to see a violet raccoon wearing a turban before expecting this.

The EP turned out to be a riff-fest. Clever, high-quality and a little catchy riffs fill this record from beginning to end, and before you're even bored of a riff, it's changed quickly to something different yet fitting at the same time. The diversity of the riffs here and their atmospheric influence on the song is also a rather impressive thing I found on this record. Speaking of atmosphere, the band uses several atmospheric tools, such as background sounds, to beautify the songs just even more. Also, the songwriting is a bit progressive and unconventional, marching along with the meanings, lyrics and atmosphere rather than forsaking a few good moments for the sake of traditionalist song structure, and atop all of that, here's the icing on the cake: it's more thrash and death-influenced than anything else metalcore I've heard.  

Also, let's focus on more than just rhythm guitar; the rest of the instruments are well-played. Drums blast along fast enough with the impressive riffs, the lead guitar plays some average generic solos, and although they are nothing over the top, they are nothing beneath the bottom either. The vocalist, though, is just a little above something you'd expect from a metalcore vocalist. He uses several vocal patterns, such as screaming, growling, clean singing and black metal screeching to fit the needs, but to be honest, he's only half-decent at the screaming itself (the rest are below average). And that's something metalcore dislikers like me tend not to applause.

Besides an earful of weak vocals, there are no much big problems, but a few little nuisances still exist; sometimes you could hear these high, bass-test-like techno drops. The band thinks it does an atmospheric job well, but to be honest, it just adds unnecessary noise to the song itself. Also, there's this nuisance that I'd prefer seeing this band doing thrash than metalcore, but can't count that.

Overall, the EP was a rather enjoyable listen. More than your average deathcore/metalcore album; this is something decent even thrashers and death-heads may like. Highlights are "Between The Lines" and "Cold Chamber".


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