JorZine - Al Namrood - Kitab Al-Awthan

Al Namrood - Kitab Al-Awthan

Label: Shaytan Productions

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-09-13

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7.5/10 8.5/10 7/10 8/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Hayat Al Khlood, Kiram Al Mataia

Al Namrood is an Oriental Black Metal band that rises from Saudi Arabia, and it settled itself as one of the most known "Arabic Black Metal" along with Narjahannam. The band released two full-length albums, (Astfhl Al Tha'r) and (Estorat Taghoot), and they reflect the identity and the themes beyond the mysterious prada replica bags inspiring oriental music, the arabic historical and mythological lyrics showed more features to these guys, and by the starting of the new year the band is releasing its third full-length album "Kitab Al-Awthan" which means "The Book Of Idols" in English.

1. Mirath Al Shar
2. Min Trab Al Jahel
3. Hayat Al Khlood
4. Ashab Al Aika
5. Al Quam, Hakem Al Huroob
6. Kiram Al Mataia
7. Ez Al Mulook
8. Bani La’em
9. Wa Ma Kan Lil Sufha Entisar

The instrumentation of "Kitab Al-Awthan" is forming historical scenes of wars and rough events which are taking a place in the heart of the Arabian desert, Forty-seven minutes of flowing desert sand will cover your ears, the use of "Tabla" and "Oud" and "Kanun" are building a structure of oriental atmosphere, with the western mixture of "Guitars" and "Drums" that sink together into this vortex of golden sand.

"Mirath Al Shar" is an instrumental track (The intro of the album), the keyboards work and the percussion of this track guide your imagination toward the desert wars and the old passed races that breathed in the old centuries upon the golden sand of the Arabian desert. "Min Trab Al Jahel" starts with grim metal riff until the drums-line and the lead guitars complete the whole sound, and then the "Kanun" get into the mixture to create an "Oriental\Western" piece of music, the black metal vocals appear in this track violently, the shrinky throat is roaring the Arabic lyrics in a rhythmic way.

The clear Middle Eastern influences are crystallized through the tracks "Hayat Al Khlood" and "Ashab Al Aika", the instrumentation gave a burning living spirit into the compositions, more brutality and barbarity are streaming with the vocals and the guitars in the track "Al Quam, Hakem Al Huroob", faster drumming and more powerful environment are shining like charm here, the progression of the album in this track shows more stability, no tracks are getting away from the Oriental Black Metal atmosphere circle.

"Kiram Al Mataia" starts with odd and mysterious Kanun melodies, and then the guitars and the drums cross the the kanun melodies to form melodic Black metal track full of Oriental influences, the track ends as it begins, with the mysterious kanun melodies. Wa Ma Kan Lil Sufha Entisar" is an instrumental track of extreme black metal riffs and Middle Eastern ambiance, "Ez Al Mulook" continued the same theme rhythm of the previous tracks, but now with more vital lead guitars, with time the track become aggressive and rough. "Bani La’em" starts with mid-paced black metal riffing and sharp lead guitar sound, more crispy vocals. And finally, the album faces its end with the instrumental track "Wa Ma Kan Lil Sufha Entisar" that shows the same strategy.

My complain about this album are the role of the lead guitars, and the production of the drums and the vitality of the bass, the keyboards in this album cover the whole sound of the tracks and act as "the main instrument", and this makes the other instruments neglected, the existence of the lead guitars are so fragile and need to be more essential, the drums and the bass are left over behind the veil of the keyboards, more vital bass will and clear drums production will chloe replica bags eliminate all of my complains.

If you don't know Al Namrood but already know Narjahanam, then this album is recommended for you, the total sound creates a good oriental black metal atmosphere, if you are searching for a grim oriental black metal work to fill your ears with desert sand, then blow your ears with "Kitab Al-Awthan".


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