JorZine - Locrian - The Clearing

Locrian - The Clearing

Label: Self-Release

Reviewer: Kaleb Daleszak - 2012-09-04

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8/10 7.5/10 7/10 8/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  The Clearing

This particular experimental trio from Chicago are back in just under a year since their last release, 'The Crystal World'. With 'The Clearing', Locrian maintain their posture as proficient drone composers who entwine noisy drone with hints of black metal and dark ambient. This release shows Locrian make their sound a little more accessible to their audience, and have made the album a little shorter than previous releases.

'The Clearing' is most definitely one of those albums that you need to experience with headphones, as speakers just won't do it much justice; the album demands that you become desolate and at one with loneliness. Detachment becomes pretty easy as the album progresses, and indeed, from the opening moment of 'Chalk Point' until the closing moments of title track, 'The Clearing', that empty feeling from the deepest recesses of your heart comes out to haunt you. The album mixes organic sounds with cold and harsh synths, clamouring together with drums which are shrouded in reverb. What you hear is a collection of abrasive textures that rub away at your ears like sandpaper to your scalp. The most prominent black metal moment on this album is definitely found in the second track, 'Augury in an Evaporating Tower', a composition that concentrates on smothering the listener in droning static and blast beats. The defining moment of the album definitely lies in the title track, which sounds like it could be the perfect theme song for a dystopian future, starting off with a pulsing synth that gets overlapped with leads on a slightly higher octave, a bunch of screams to add to the dark ambience, and just the right amount of white noise which really completes this monster.

Locrian have done well with this release, and if you ever feel the need to sink your teeth into something dark, let the misanthropic juices of this album run down your chin and relieve that vampiric lust for blood.


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