JorZine - Martyr Lucifer - Farewell to Graveland

Martyr Lucifer - Farewell to Graveland

Label: Buil2Kill Records

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-08-07

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6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10

Highlights:  They Said With Time All Wounds Will Heal , The Horseride.

I must admit that forgot to give attention to this band for a while, with the exemption of checking out their 2011 album, “Farewell to Graveland” a while back. The reason being that Martyr Lucifer always claims that their music is going to wreak havoc on anyone brave enough to listen. Since listening to this Italian group latest release, I couldn't find anything particularly unique about it, partly because the album failed to stay with me after the initial, yet enjoyable, spins. 


As soon as, “Janus”, the into track, began to stream, it drew an optimistic smile on my face, prompting me to assume that I would be listening to an enjoyable release. Regrettably though, it opens to an ode to rain and sadness. "Farewell to Graveland" is all about freezing out emotions and a bloke banging on about being unhappy and sleepwalking with an accent. It reminds me of Theatre of Tragedy, which is technically a personal nod of approval accompanied by a small frown – did this track really need to be four minutes long?! Regardless, as the band progressed to, 'From Under the Ground' and subsequent songs, they moved into Gothic territory, making this album about melodramatic keyboards, overwrought melodies and, an interplay of male vocals. The simple Piano-Metal approach of yester-album is ditched in favor of the cold and distorted approach . 


Track five, "Noctua Munda" is up next, instrumentally, Martyr Lucifer remains lacking, on an abnormal level, in both the technical and excitement aspects through the entire time. Take, for instance, the riffs, which are based on bland, one-chord strums that occasionally involves finger movement. For, "Onironauta (The Demon of the Earth)",  the formula remains the same, the derivation here being that it is simply more beautiful, more catchy, and just as dark. The previous tracks all felt underdeveloped, that is disappointing considering that the album promised a mature sound that incorporates new ideas. However, “All Ends In Silence” delivers, with the slow songs more likely to jerk a tear, and the fast songs more likely to get a fist pumping. 


On, "L'albero Ed Io", the addition of the new raspy style, sounds like a poor attempt to appear more depressive and Gothic. "The Dustflower" did have a smooth Gothic sound though. The lyrics in this album often sound kind of hurried by the fast tempo that a lot of the songs have. The actual music sounds just as good as it always does, allowing more pauses in the vocal line that that showcases the music behind them. This is one of the things about Martyr Lucifer that I find interesting. 


The next two tracks, "They Said With Time All Wounds Will Heal" and "The Horseride" are like another powerful start for the band. The songs are very atmospheric, particularly the slower parts. There isn't any high-speed guitar wizardry but, with what few solos there are on the album, they are pretty decent with a lot of emotion. The band clearly concentrates on melody instead of technicality, and it just sounds beautiful. It combines the music of their previous instrumental songs with some beautiful vocal lines that borrow from the technique of harsh vocals. Finally, something worth listening to here. 


The final track of this release, "Waiting for the Dawn" begins to grow on you as the song progresses. The guitars are rich and thick, if not chug. But, it's Liesbeth Cordia's vocals that really steals the show, magnificently wonderful vocal performance from both male and female vox. When she begins harmonizing during the chorus, it gives me the good kind of chills. Just when I was getting into the groove of things, the albums ends here. To be completely honest here, all instruments played are professionally done and sound nice. 


I advise this band to get the most out of the genre they are playing, include more female vocal lines into their tracks and, discover their niche – in layman's terms: be more original. 


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