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Live In Dubai

Label: Silent Era Gig

Reviewer: Ali (The Caveman) Atef - 2012-09-06

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  The Whole Show Was Amazing

Silent Era was announced only a few weeks before the actual event took place so everything was extremely last minute and, considering that, I applaud the organizers for pulling off such an amazing night on such short notice. As this was the year’s first Metal gig and as it was definitely one to remember, it echos well for concerts to come! 


The bands on the bill (in order of appearance):


Well let's get started then!


I arrived a bit late and missed the first part of Slave to Fate’s set but I did manage to catch their last song. I have heard them do a better job in previous gigs and they couldn’t get up to their last impression on the crowd. However considering they got their spot on the bill less than a week before the gig since Apeira had to back out due to unforeseen circumstances and didn’t have enough time to practice and the fact that opening the show is never that easy they did an okay advice is get more practice done and build up comfort on stage. 


Next up was Fox Hill V. To be honest they seemed to be at the wrong gig. Their style was completely different from every other band here in UAE and proudly being the first post-rock band to emerge here. They played an all instrumental set keeping the microphone to minimal use which was great. To talk about their music they seemed to have a fleet foxes influence composing songs which are emotional and soothing. They reminded me so much of Third Eye Blind and the best part was even with heavy distortion their melodies rang through perfectly. I especially liked how they interacted with the audience and made everyone there (practically all were heavy metal fans) instantly love them and throw beach balls around ( had to be there).This was their first show and I am honestly saying they did an amazing job, probably my favorite band playing that night! 


Story Of Grace took to stage next. The best phrase I can use to describe their music is Evil Punk. I have said this before and I’ll say it again: Story of Grace has great potential, only, they aren't doing their best to utilize their talent and skills fully. In complete honesty, the screaming is a bit too much as it covers up the guitars, bass and drums! The parts with the clean vocals were pretty good though. The transition between the angry and chill segments of the music is very similar to someone suffering from Bipolar disorder and if that was what they meant to imply, then I admit, they did a great job. Another good point I need to mention about this band is their chemistry, synchronized headbanging, moving around on stage, interactions and such were all great. Halfway through their set, there were some technical difficulties with the amps and as soon as it got fixed they went back up to finish their set and make way for the next band. 


Sadly, something went wrong with the amp so it had to be replaced so the sound quality somewhat dropped for the next bands. 


Alpha Kenny Buddy were next up and, as usual, they blew off the gig to a whole new level. A good description of their music would be angry Funk topped off with great vocals. The band is obviously heavily influenced by Rage Against the Machine, Korn, System of a Down and some Tool. Like I said the amps were replaced and their sound wasn't as great as usual but they still did a great job impressing all the people who heard them for the first time...This band is going places I can assure you! 


Next was Black13Angels who came all the way from Kuwait to play at Silent Era.. Black13Angels really surprised me a lot! Being a Metalcore band with tiny elements from Techno actually worked out great and they reminded me so much of one of my favorite Japanese bands, Blood Stain Child. My comment however is that the keyboards were way too loud, it covered up almost everything. One thing they can really work on is stage presence, it seemed to me as if the vocalist was alone in the band since there was barely enough interaction between the other band members let alone with the crowd, but the vocalist did a great job getting the listeners interested, heck, he even got them shuffling! (You don’t see that every day at a metal gig). All in all, what I have to say about Black13Angels is that: they have a hell of a lot in potential and I'm sure soon they will be part of the global music scene. 


Now came the moment everyone was waiting for, the reason most of the people showed up that night! Voice of The Soul was up next and the crowd seemed to be much bigger for them compared to the other bands. Last time I saw this band was at the Musolicious Festival last year and I have to admit at Silent Era they were completely different. With the obvious improvements individually and as a band, they had everyone screaming, headbanging and moshing nonstop throughout their set. They played some of their new material which I urge all of you to check out. There were people who dubbed Kareem (the lead guitarist) ‘Shredder’ and he deserves it, according to me and obviously many others, he was the best guitarist that night. They changed their lineup for this gig as two of the original members couldn’t be present in UAE at the time. 


The last band that day was Perversion. Personally I have heard SO much about this band but never checked out their music and this was my chance. The first thought that popped into my head was Nervecell. Their sound was so similar to UAE’s giants and their musical style was almost identical. There is a difference between screaming and growling and looks like Perversion’s vocalist was one of the very few people in the Middle Eastern scene who knows this difference. I have to say everything about this band was superb and as a three piece band, I have never seen anyone do it better. What shocked me the most however was the drummer, the drumming was beyond epic, something not many can do but he not only pulled it off, he looked like this was nothing for him. I glanced at him and it looked like drumming was the last thing on his mind while his hands were everywhere. Perversion is on a whole other level than all the bands we have here and I believe that they should have more listeners and supporters. I urge all of you to check them out, I personally became an instant fan! 


I spoke with Kareem (one of the organizers of the gig) and here is what he had to say:

“I think overall, as a first effort of the gig that I organized, I think it went pretty well, of course we didn't have enough time since we kept changing plans with the management saying no and stuff but we had Khalid and Ratish help out last minute and that went pretty well. In terms of the bands that played tonight, I thought they were all pretty good. Fox Hill V, a post-rock band...a genre that isn't big as much as the others in the UAE, came out to put an a very impressive gig and the crowd loved them, and Black13Angels came from Kuwait and the blended in really nicely with the other Metalcore bands. Story of Grace did a really great job, Alpha Kenny Buddy also did a great job. I mean all the bands that came down were awesome and right now we have Perversion playing in the background and they sound amazing. The issue with most gigs are that a lot of people show up in the beginning and leave halfway, right now a good number of people have already left. Minor technical difficulties like the amp blowing up and stuff and had to be replaced. And on top of that we didn't have any sponsors, all the money came from our back pockets which I think was pretty good, so overall it was really good and I hope there could be a Silent Era 2. “ 


Check out all the bands that played and show your support...the scene needs all of us sticking together!


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