JorZine - Fuse, Eternal Maze & Climoric

Fuse, Eternal Maze & Climoric

Label: Jordanian Music Nation

Reviewer: Anas Disi - 2012-09-05

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  The Whole Show Was Amazing

A Metal Night to Remember, Organized By Jordanian Music Nation

A wide variety of events have been organized in Jordan in the last few years to create a shining crest for Heavy Metal music in the form of gigs, jams with audiences and various other metal activities. But in the eyes of the Jordanian metalhead, and especially in the midst of an ongoing pseudo-ban on this type of music in the country, most activities have been disappointing and have failed to achieve a true metal atmosphere with their safe precautiousness.


With almost all their trust in a metal activity in Amman lost, Jordanian metalheads perhaps gave one last chance for Jordanian Music Nation; a new, well-organized event managing company, to give them the dose of metal they so desperately needed. With the gates opening at the Rainbow Theater and the decently large crowd of metalheads shocking passing people nearby as they wait, it was not so long until the gates opened for the public and media representatives, and everyone was prepared to have a metal night.


The first band to play live was Climoric, which was a band that mixed between playing covers of well-known alternative rock bands and big names in heavy metal, such as Metallica and Megadeth. After adjusting their instruments and modifying their amps, the band rocked the night with a well-played, heavy entrance with an impressive cover of Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction".


Climoric opening the Progressive Lust Night.


Soon after playing the song extremely well and receiving a wide applause from the audience, the band played some of its alternative roots with again a good response from their audience, but just at a little cost for those who wanted more metal. Never disappointing the metalheads, the band suddenly embarked on a Metallica medley that used strong connection between one song and another, playing the tremendous trio of "Enter Sandman", followed by "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and then ending with the classic "Creeping Death".


As soon as the band finished their great performance, the audience gave them a very lengthed standing ovation, and things began to light up for the night. Those who were previously disappointed at metal events in Jordan were beginning to gain their hope again, but they haven't seen it all yet. Back there in the backstage; Eternal Maze has been preparing to strike the audience long-time by giving them a performance of their life; at least by Jordanian standards.


As the long-haired, skilled guitarist Nader Al-Natsheh from the thrashing Exile (of extremely good repute) rose up on stage with colleague Ibrahim Khatib of the same skill (and hair), Eternal Maze further raised the hopes of the metalheads that the shouts were coming out while they just adjusted their guitars. And then, the last flaw of the night to be seen; the sitting instead of standing, was removed when an organizer came on stage and simply made everyone crazy with saying, "But you know… this is a STANDING GIG SO GETT UPP!"

Eternal Maze being just great.

(Photo by Jordanian Music Nation)


Eternal Maze came, saw and fucking conquered! Being a guy who has went and seen the lauded Big 4 and the "oh-my-so-high" Opeth on stage, I can tell that despite all the restrictions the government had forced managements to use, Eternal Maze had given a performance worthy of giving them a co-headliner at any major festival in this fucking world. Playing covers of well-known bands as well as doing amazing original content, everyone was turned into headbanging and moving their heads around; long hair and short hair, metalheads and non-metalheads, and of course all the devil horns were rising in the air.


I toured around the audience and saw people I know and all they told was "MAAAAN THIS IS FUCKING AMAAAAZING!" Those like me who never expected but a small taste of metal were positively shocked; the band gave an amazing guitar performance with Nader and Anas's performances, an ear-blasting full-of-skill drumming work by Mazen Ayoub and an astounding bass work by Ibrahim Khatib*. My neck still hurts to this day, one week after this amazing performance.

[Editor Note: Fouad Azar, the six-string bassist from Atomos, made a guest performance at the band last song]

All to be said about Eternal Maze is that, despite lacking vocal work, they gave the most definitive, powerful performance in the history of Jordanian metal, rock or what the fuck ever type of music. And to that, I will tip them my hat and bow to their majesty.

Next up after the highly great performance by Eternal Maze came Fuse, a band that plays bare classic and alternative rock with no much regard to metal. Despite all of that, and much criticism by the metalheads, everyone was able to acknowledge that Fuse did what they did in the most professional way. And to not disappoint the metalheads out there, the band started with a highly energetic, well-done cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song".


Although Fuse weren't as powerful and gripping as Eternal Maze or even Climoric were with all the metal, they were a very good rock band. Their covers, of rhythm-and-blues and classic rock bands, still kept the audience positively smiling about their performance. The band's stage presence was also a very good thing to note. The vocalist danced around and performed well, the bassist was plain amazing and jumped at each bass slap, the guitarists were good as well and even the keyboard work was nothing short of good.


After a few classic rock covers that pleased the audience and satisfied them, especially with a trombone and a highly trained and skilled player blowing that brass, things began to go a bit downhill for the band. Although still performing what they perform surprisingly well, they perhaps have chosen a not-so-suitable setlist. Bands such as Coldplay began to appear on the setlist, and those metalheads who were there for a good rock show began to leave the audience, although there were a large number of interested people. 

The highly energetic and charismatic Fuse on stage.

However, in Fuse's defense, one must have really acknowledged that they perhaps gave the best stage presence. In my small history of seeing Jordanian gigs, I have not seen a band that has so much courage and skill at the same time to perform those theatrics that the band did. And must I say again that the bassist was awesome?


All in all, as Fuse left the stage and the crowds began to flow out of the hall, everyone was filled with very positive feelings that this trio of bands gave them different tastes and yet all three performed extremely well and exceeded all expectations.


Climoric filled the boyish charm of metal's place in metalheads with their covers of Megadeth and Metallica, as well as the performers' age, while Eternal Maze gave more of that brutal, progressive and hardcore METAL attitude with their immensely powerful music, and finally, Fuse lightened the night and gave the audience a solid testament that professional music has opened in its way in Jordan.

Little negatives mostly ensued in that first the audience was a bit more controlled than it should be by the staff (although their control was for good will), and the little fact that Fuse included some unwelcome stuff in their setlist. Despite that, the concert can be described in one word:




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