JorZine - Drawn and Quartered - Feeding Hells Furnace

Drawn and Quartered - Feeding Hells Furnace

Label: Nuclear Winter

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-04

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8/10 9/10 8/10 8/10 8/10


After about twenty years of making brutal music, the inhuman death metal band "Drawn and Quartered" is presenting to us another piece of bestiality and brutality, the album "Feeding Hell's Furnace" is the sixth full-length album for this American band. If you think its the time for you to throw all the modern death metal releases behind you and listen to a mature death metal record, then you must start discovering this album now.

To be honest, the production of this album is just orgasmic though the methods of mastering and mixing are totally influenced by the classic death metal albums of the early 90s, and this gave this album more mature sound and deeper flavor. As Nuclear Winter Records are trying to produce a lot of exciting and ambrosial death metal releases these years, I guess this release is the best between all of these releases because of the experienced and the wrathful sound that the band tried to create in this admirable record. The American death metal musical veins are entangling inside the structure of the songs here, the same veins exist in many American death metal acts like Immolation and Incantation and Monstrosity, all these bands have the same visions and they have their own death metal flavor in the compositions and the performance, and even in the tune of the guitars.

The vocals of this album are totally dusky and deep, and the multi-layer vocals also gave the tracks more energy and power, as we can hear in the track "Stabwound Invocation", the deep tune of the vocals in the track "No Absolution" is mature enough to such the whole sound of the track inside the throat of the vocalist. The guitars works are building a very huge horizon around the sound of the drums, the tune of the guitars are gloomy enough to catch your breath, and the classic production sound helped to make the sound of the guitars totally sick and gory. The sound of the speed riffs of the tracks "Mutilated Offerings" and "Cryptic Consecrations" shows how much dim and pounding is the strength of this kind of classic production.

Some sick solos live in this record to give the tracks more vital inspiration and a lot of twisted moments, you can hear the sickness of the solos in the tracks "Feeding Hell's Furnace" and "Mutilated Offerings". The drums and the bass are melted together well in this record to produce that classic passion, this is clear in most of the tracks in this album, especially when the double-bass open the chest of the tracks wide. The track "No Absolution" is one of my favorite tracks in this album, because it contains a lot of elements that can cast the spell on any death metal fan around the globe, such as the amazing lead guitar and the twisted tune of the rhythm guitar.

If you consider yourself as one of the American death metal fan, especially for the classic death metal sound, then you have to own this album and start to sink inside every track and enjoy the sickness of the performance. Though this record reminded me of some acts like the Australian death metal band Ignivomous and the Greek death metal band "Dead Congregation", but somehow this record has more mature sound and better performance full of fury and gloomy feelings. If you are sick of the modern melodic death bands that try to bury the real classic sound of the death metal, then you must buy a copy for this album now and start this disease.

Composition: 8/10
Performance: 9/10
Production: 8/10
Artwork: 8/10
Level Of Originality : 8/10
Level Of Ferocity: 8/10

Rating: 8.5/10



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