JorZine - Blaakyum, Wyvern , and Karma

Blaakyum, Wyvern , and Karma

Label: El Sawy Culturewheel

Reviewer: Moustapha Laithy - 2012-09-06

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  The Whole Show Was Amazing

Bands Line-up: Blaakyum, Wyvern , and Karma


Metal Blast night, and how the metal did blast that night. The organizers made sure that the line-up upheld their reputation of hosting the heaviest, and the most outrageous shows ever held in Cairo. After the great success following the"Brain Slash" installment, (with Bilocate, Perversion, and Scarab), they introduced another addition to the franchise, "Metal Blast - The Heavy Dose", that featured bands, Blaakyum (Lebanon), Wyvern (Egypt), and Karma (Egypt). All veteran bands in their respective scenes, all taking to the stage to show the audience the reason as to why they are considered the best! The show started with a prelude consisting of some Lamb of God tracks on the playback, followed by a hilarious comedy routine performed by Wael, of the band, Enraged, where he talked about some issues regarding the Egyptian metal scene. 


After his routine, Wael welcomed the first band to the stage, Karma. They executed an incredible performance and played tracks from their album, "Actions In Previous Existence" as well as some new originals. It was a hell of a line-up, the band presented some great music and had heavy breakdowns to headbang to. Zander, the vocalist of the Metalcore beast, "Destiny in Chains" was featured in one of Karma's original compositions.



There was a quick intermission following Krama's great performance in which Wyvern took to the stage and blasted riffs that were irresistible to headbang to. They performed awesome melodies that forced you to get on your fucking feet. Wyvern put on one hell of a show, playing tracks of their album, “The Clown " and even some new original tracks. With a line-up like Wyvern's, there is no way to not enjoy what they presented.