JorZine - Nephelium - Coils Of Entropy

Nephelium - Coils Of Entropy

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-09-06

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7/10 8/10 7.5/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  "Halls Of Judgement", "Malediction"

Growls are coming like they're from a reanimated corpse, instruments are sounding like they're from Pandaemonium and the volume soars and soars. "Welcome to another brutal death metal album", my ears tell me with the tip they've been given from my ever-so-witty brain. "We hope you enjoy your flight."


Nephelium is a Canadian death metal band with an Arabic member on their guitars, and a rather talented vocalist blasting the mic. They formed in Dubai and were one of the first bands of the scene. The drums blast well all along, although nothing special or faster than your usual death treat, and the riffs grind and grind in a fast and ever-changing pace from beginning to end, while the bass plays some cool basslines and has some good stops every once in a while. Rare moments of disconnection between drums and rhythm guitar occur more than once, though, but it can be overlooked because they're doing their job quite well for the most part of the album and are providing enough strength. For the songs, they all are pretty much of the same quality; good ol' brutal death metal done well with mixage between slow and fast; stuff that connects between the likes of Obituary, Decrepit Birth and even Cannibal Corpse.  


The vocals, meanwhile, look like the most promising aspect of Nephelium. The vocalist surprises one with turns from run-of-the-mill (but well-done) death metal growling to shrieks and high-pitched brutal vocals you'd listen to in grindcore, to even more insane screeching done black-metal-style and I managed to fucking wet my pants when he pulled off a quasi-Angel-of-Death-torture-scream with its own different feel in one of the songs. The vocalist is definitely talented and is the most surprising factor in this genericocktail of a band.


Don't get me wrong, though, this band definitely does its job well. The musicians are capable of playing great stuff and show total ease in doing what they do, but they stick to this traditional form that they don't change even a thing in. Would have liked to hear something new, but at least I'm now concerned for this band and have interest in them for the next release to include more original and unique elements... and something new, as they are more than capable of creating something awesome. However, overall this was a pretty good headbanging album and a great start for Nephelium as a band. Recommended for those new to brutal death metal only. 


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