JorZine - Thamud - Remnants Of Time

Thamud - Remnants Of Time

Label: Black Ambient Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-09-05

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Highlights:  Lost Within Mists Of Time

There are many underground extreme Metal bands in the Middle East that suffer and resist the local culture, The mixing of the devil-rituals and the heavy metal music are bonding a lot of talents there, the traditions force many musicians to stop their extreme metal career, but many people didn't give up, and here I am talking about a Black Metal band from Dubai (United Arab Emirates), This band is called "Thamud" and it has been created in the middle of 2007. This One-Man Black Metal band has been created by Mudamer, this guy also played in the Saudi Oriental Metal Band Al-Namrood, And also did a guest appearance in the Bahraini one-man band Qafas. 


Thamud has released only one demo in 2010, and its called Remnants of Time, by the American label Black Ambient Records, The record contains five short Ambient\Black pieces that go around fifteen minutes.


The tracklist:
1. Remnants of Time [Instrumental]
2. From the Womb of Peace
3. Yadheeq Al Sadir
4. Al Hajaj Ibn Yousif Al Thaqafey  
5. Lost Within Mists of Time [Instrumental]


The first track "Remnants of Time" contains only one guitar riff, many keyboards works surround the whole environment, the machine drums build the base of the total sound, this track reminds me of Xasthur, the gloomy melodies and the powdery production invoke a very enigmatic feelings during the listening. The title "From the Womb of Peace" is very catchy, The influences of (Mayhem, Darkthrone) are so obvious, and here are the vocals appear for the first time in this record, the machine drums here swallow most of the sounds as the inaudible bass and the guitar riffs are struggling to prevail, the song stops at 1:30 and another Ambient piece with the same melodies overcomes the track.


The Yadheeq Al Sadir has the same mood of the "From the Womb of Peace", but this time with crispy vocals and more dynamic changes in the structure of the compositions, The drums break was a bad Idea because of the poor production of the machine drums, and the mixing of the vocals is really brittle, weird and annoying. The track "Al Hajaj Ibn Yousif Al Thaqafey" starts with a speech from the Syrian series "Al-Hajjaj", A historic tyrant character that caused so much destruction in the land of the Middle East before about 1330 years. The guitar riffs blow at the ending of the first minute, The first riff reminds me a lot of "Gorgoroth", the extreme sound and the raw aggressive drumming made everything seriously brutal, the speech returns again with the second riff and lasted until the end of the track. The final track "Lost Within Mists Of Time" is a good instrumental piece that gathers many good melodies into the arms of this record, the strings and the piano and the keys are just the only recommended thing in this release.


My complain about this album is the shortage, and the lack of the varied materials, the vocals also still need so much more effort, and the mixing is so poor to be accepted by the general Black Metal fans, If you are searching for an Arabian Black Metal band without considering the quality and the experience, then this record is waiting for you, But if you are searching for catching black metal songs then I don't recommend this record at all. 


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