JorZine - Nahemah - The Second Philosophy

Nahemah - The Second Philosophy

Label: Lifeforce Records

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-09-05

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9/10 9/10 9.5/10 8.5/10 9/10

Highlights:  "Phoenix", "Killing My Architect" and "Change".

Nahemah is a Spanish Progressive Death Metal band. This band is a large example of how Metal bands should be and have released their second record with absolute Heavy Metal perfection.  


The album's style can be summed up as: a few Progressive Rock elements with Death Metal influences. The electronic and atmospheric sounds showcase the good production from their first album, while also bringing out the melody, power and intensity of the band by creating an outright Extreme Metal album that doesn't weaken musically even for a second. Every track on this album is done perfectly, even the mix between clean and harsh vocals sounds awesome.


Pablo Egido, the founding member, started the album with an amazing touch of vocals, using the typical extreme/progressive mixture of mid and high vocal ranges. Meanwhile, Miguel Palazon and Roberto Marco showcased an excellent use of extended riff sounds which really represented the vital elements of the album perfectly. If I were to speak about the drums, I'd mention that Jose Diego did a great job in complementing the album. Every beat fits and, with his jazzy influences and deft performance and technique, you can say he just shatters every space within the tracks.


All the members added their own skills to the mix and every song is like four compositions slammed into one. The final outcome is an idol of mastery from the 2007 archive and has stuck my mind as a great example of a Progressive/Death Metal album. It has left me with many expectations of huge efforts from Nahemah in the future. 


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