JorZine - Breeze of The Dying - Faces of Age

Breeze of The Dying - Faces of Age

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Anas Disi - 2012-09-05

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  Enter Virus, Passing

Breeze Of The Dying is an experimental / progressive death metal act hailing from the ironically breezy coast of the Saudi Arabian landscape. Its music tarnished with a few deathcore influences from the band's early beginnings and progressive only by means of unconventional songwriting methods (in which it does not have a stable chorus), this album certainly does not prepare you for its somewhat mixed style by its prog/death label, but it still certainly delivers well as your average death metal cup of Joe.  


This record merges between beautiful, clean guitar parts and - mostly - well-done death metal. The rhythm guitarist utilizes a lot of core-ish techniques but the riffs still sound good enough, the drumming is of good repute but still generic and heard a lot in this genre, while the solos are good but yet again we've heard stuff like that before. The vocalist does his job pretty well (except for a really noisy clean-scream part where he could go die bitterly for all I know), and much to the listener's delight, he uses a lot of techniques and his pitch revolves around the need of the music itself. All in all, this album really sounds great except for one fault that all metal nowadays suffers from; lack of originality.   


Originality remains a plaguing factor in pretty much all of metal - and especially the scene in the Middle East - as bands struggle to either copy another band or make totally abhorred noises and call that original. This band does neither in the technical sense, but they still sound like pretty much a handful of their influences, with little difference. The clean guitar parts and the core-prog-death style contribute to that difference, but it still doesn't satisfy. And to be quite honest, if it's nothing catchy or new then it's not going to be quite the innovation. Yet, don't get me wrong, this album still kicks hard ass.  


Other small nuisances that exist beside the originality are perhaps the production of the drums, sometimes the riffs aren't clear, etc. The outro drags a bit before it changes, but it still can be forgiven because it is really good work. As for more prominent positives, I really think Breeze Of The Dying has the potential to become among the big names in Middle Eastern metal, putting itself near the fame and excellency of Nervecell and the rarely-found professionalism of Myrath. They have pretty much total potential to become one of the best bands in metal today if they get rid of a few negatives and add more originality to their sound.


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