JorZine - Black Well - The Human Condition

Black Well - The Human Condition

Label: Self-released

Reviewer: Anas Disi - 2012-09-05

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8.5/10 8/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 8/10

Highlights:  "Heartless", "Godless Souls", "Clockwork".

Black Well is a Kuwaiti thrash / death metal band that has a lot to prove and has got the guts to prove it. With a good riffster on their side, a well-trained vocalist (in both clean and harsh vocals) and a good couple of a drummer and a bassist, they have released The Human Condition in the early beginnings of 2011, and although I regret not hearing of it until a year later, I'm pretty much satisfied that I got listen to it and that I didn't go without my ears taking their delight.


The record is full of catchy riffs and well-written choruses. Almost each song can be memorized simply by hearing the chorus in your head, and damn, most of the songs have great riffs as well. Also, the record is diverse in that it merges between parts of clean guitar without distortion and utter thrash-death mayhem. Although the style isn't that original and is probably being done by a lot of bands, Black Well makes you forget that fact by the sheer power and prowess of their music, in that no song relies on a few riffs and bores you out with them, instead, the song changes rapidly and dynamically with good riffage (and sometimes bare basslines), yet it also returns to its chorus in a stable way and doesn't let you feel all mixed up.


As for the overall quality of the songs, it's typically high, although there are a few little nuisances; most prominent of them being the solos. Yeah, the goddamn solos. Clearly there's not very much passion or prowess written into them, and they are really slow comparing to the music that's accompanying them. A note that the lead guitarist needs to take is improve his skills and give his solos a lot of extra speed, becuase if that's taken into consideration for the next album, it may sound mind-bendingly awesome. As well as that, I could tell some songs are fillers (the last two and the fourth track) as they are not on par with the rest of the songs. Their choruses are sloppier and they drag on and on. The album is thus longer than it should be, but I hope Black Well can fix that in the future.


Finally, I'd like to give kudos to the band for making such a good debut, and I hope they can improve those faults I've mentioned in the future, as I mostly enjoyed the album on its whole. Even the parts in "Torment" where the vocalist sang clean vocals, he sounded pretty awesome, and made a good transition. Pretty much a lot of work was well done, and I have to congratulate the band. I recommend this album for any thrash or death metal fan that has an interest in the Middle Eastern scene's progress.


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