JorZine - Mordab - Darker than Grave

Mordab - Darker than Grave

Label: Zurvan Records

Reviewer: SiaVash Sabke Morde (SSM) - 2012-09-05

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8/10 7.5/10 8/10 7.5/10 8/10

Highlights:  Ocean Of Loneliness's...,Darker Than Grave,Phrenetic Dream Of Earth

It was Sunday, June 27, 2009, 5:00 AM and I was listening to "Darker Than Grave", Mordab's first studio album... or maybe we should call it an EP, It's just 25 minutes long. You must be an ultra impatient person to get bored with this release. 


The very first thing I noticed, was recording, mix and mastering process. As you all know, there are no producers or sponsors in Iran and the metal bands are all independent here. So, in this environment, having solid riffs, recording a drum kit and superb bass is just a big problem. Fortunately, "Darker Than Grave" is near global standards in recording, mix and mastering issues. 


The next thing I realized, was composing and arrangement. The album is arranged in a way that you just feel different as it grows. There are fast regular death metal riffs there, but just one minute later, there will be melancholic intervals/timings and screams will fade into clean vocals and at last the clean arpeggio will be the only thing left. The album is full of pervasive and ominous melodies, and esoteric feelings glitters out of this lugubrious tenderness. The album is there just to fulfill composers' thoughts and feelings, the music is simply based on this. Although there are rapturous moments in the album, but you can't just listen and have fun, it's a tristful, heavy-hearted and tragic album. 


After all, there will be an "Ascension" in the end. The album outro is just there to remember everything in one piece of music, there are no super fast killer techniques there, it's just there to justify what  the album represents before. I mean it's just a memorable conclusion. The album as a whole thing is capable of being the best Iranian progressive death metal record ever released, or at least it is one of them. (I don't like comparing albums and music bands with each other, 'cause I think the people have different attitudes.).


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