JorZine - From The Vastland - Darkness Vs. Light, the Perpetual Battle

From The Vastland - Darkness Vs. Light, the Perpetual Battle

Label: Arx Productions

Reviewer: Tiphany Matai - 2012-09-06

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7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  Serpent Empire of Angra Mainyu, Dawn

[Translated By: Carmina Khairallah]

“From The Vastland impose a mythological aura in a country where historical adventures are well present”. 


In the Middle East, the Black Metal scene has been stretching more and more in only these past few years. The participation of new means of communication certainly has something to do with this as well as the growth of numerous scenes in the whole word. In Iran for example, they don’t really spare the extreme Metal, especially Black Metal. Of course, the products aren’t always exported to Europe, among others, considering the lack of financial resources and production. However, there is a little one man band that managed to get affiliated with the Ukrainian label Arx Productions for the release of its first effort named “Darkness Vs. Light, the Perpetual Battle”. 


Founded in 2010 by Sina after already seven years of activity with annex bands, From the Vastland takes for influence Persia’s ancient history to make some Black Metal mixed with historical and mythological thematic, such as wars or supernatural events implying a battle between Darkness and Light, Good and Evil, etc, while basing itself on the Zoroastrist religion. 


Sina offers us some Black Metal which is aggressive but led by a melodic guitar as a guiding thread, although there are massive offensives and often continuous blasts. Nevertheless, the ten tracks follow each other very well, emanating an epic and war-filled ambiance such as in “Eternal Antagonist of Vohu Manah” reminding of us what already exists in the genre. The multi instrumentalist masters all of his instruments, even if the listener might feel a difference of production, may it only be in the distortion of the guitar and from the sound of the drums. 


Everything seems controlled by the God of total Chaos, of the Earth and the Sky: Ahura Mazda. The music is just as spicy as it is oriental in a “Dawn”, among others, led by Arabist guitar in the way of Narjahanam. And then the divine symbol of Fire appears in a very brutal and nervous “The Light of Revelation”, superbly guided by a very expressive screaming voice. Conversely, it’s on “Glacier” that water is revealed thanks to a sample of river and a melancholic and fresh acoustic guitar. 

It is with the arrival of “Serpent Empire of Angra Mainyu” that the zoroastrist ideologies become more imposing, Angra Mainyu being the Evil spirit representing Day and Night, Life and Death. The title is very epic and gives way to obvious aggressiveness, created by equally epic and violent riffs as well as very powerful vocals. This keeps going in “Thousand Years of Eternity” and “Vayu” which are more inspired by the Persian mythology and this can be felt with the arrival of more traditional sonorities and mystical choruses.                  


From The Vastland impose a mythological aura in a country where historical adventures are well present. Thanks to his experience, Sina offers us a good album of Black Metal with an epic tendency, combining aggressiveness and traditions although it doesn’t really give us something new. That doesn’t affect its effectiveness as well as its production, not excellent but acceptable, bringing up its style.


*Posted as part of our partnership with Tiphany Mataï, reviewer from the French Spirit of Metal Webzine. Original French review can be seen over here.


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