JorZine - Ikuinen Kaamos - Fall of Icons

Ikuinen Kaamos - Fall of Icons

Label: Maddening Media

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-09-05

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Indoctrination Of The Lost, Apart

Back in 2006, the Finish progressive blackened death metal group Ikuinen Kaamos blew up the metal scene with their debut album The Forlorn and I must say they owned my respect. In 2010, the band released the second album in the road titled Fall Of Icons which was compelling, powerful and emotional. This outfit could be described by all the aforementioned words; it is such an act that can perfectly combine black metal, death metal with a progressive touch into one great mix of genres, which is just another wonderful, poetic look to music. 


The show starts with the long first track "Indoctrination Of The Lost" and the atmosphere that comes from merely the first second reminds me of the old Opeth; just plain instrumental mastery, melodic riffing and great, poetic and crispy blackened vocals. Keyboard work is also done very well in this track and I cannot forget to mention the high-technique drumming. Clean vocals in this track are just as good as the acoustic guitars that start to play after them... all in all, the mixes in this track are really wonderful. 


"Statues" comes afterwards, and the themes of this song are loss, death and grief and to be honest it really does represent every single one of them. Melodic strong guitars start the song along with that solo full of mastery. Again the vocals takes a big part in the track, with the same amazing breaks from the first one. The song heads towards the more extreme parts (which are rooted in raw death and black metal) with fast aggressive guitars plus wicked double bass drumming, while the calmer parts are full of acoustic arrangements. This song is built on wicked diversity, as it mixes between aggressive extreme metal parts followed by classically-inspired calmer ones. 


As the second track concludes, "In Ruins" comes in. The main thing that makes this song such a special one is the splendid combination of all the influences that Ikuinen Kaamos focused on; the faster riffs and the harsh death growls are used more commonly than on the other songs, death metal growls and the black/death metal riffing dominate the majority of the music, although the progressive edge is still strong on this song. The guitar and vocal work are much softer then before, though, but still contain some heavy riffing and harsh vocals. The drumming doesn’t change much from the previous two songs. 


In "Condemned", the fourth track, there are no limitations. Take vocals for example: growls, hardcore, clean and even spoken parts are included. Acoustic guitars and rhythmic solos are also present, the drumming is more complex then a typical progressive band because of the tempo that changes a lot in this track. 


The final track in this full-length is "Apart". This sixteen minutes song added to the magic of this album and for me it’s the hit track. It’s this type of song which can make you get bored but I'm sure if you are a prog-fan you will like this track. It starts with highly progressively riffing, then a well-done solo enters the song, followed by a breakdown, then the crispy vocals hit you with a harsh touch to continue the pure technical mix. Again the same solo hits your ears to just satisfy your tastes, while the drumming here really amazed me. Technical double bass with gentle breaks make this track just wonderful. After another great solo, spoken vocals take their part in the song. And again, just as needed, a classical solo enters followed by acoustic guitars to just make you believe how much the band has worked on this release to be well-done. Melodic but blackened vocals control in the middle of this track with basic drum lines and good guitars on the back hitting it on. Then the magic of clean vocals comes again and the orchestral theme which is hidden in this track comes up now, screams "SHOW ON" to start ending the show as clean guitars give you the real taste of the progressive metal world. I really found the tune to be more melancholic and beautiful at the same time, as slow and heavy emotional lead guitars play and are followed by more heavy and slow tempo sections to close this masterpiece. 


At the end I just want to say this masterpiece of an opus is very recommended for all progressive fans. And I'm sure that it's going to make you full up with music. I simply can't wait for this band's upcoming works, they really are going to own your respect. 


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