JorZine - Deadly Carnage - Sentiero II – Ceneri

Deadly Carnage - Sentiero II – Ceneri

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-09-05

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7/10 8/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Parallels,Ceneri

My interest in Italian black metal came about after listening to bands like Graveworm , with cold and bleak atmosphere that their music often invoke , what we have here , is a Italian atmospheric black/doom metal band Deadly Carnage second release "Sentiero II – Ceneri" which features the all five member from the band. 


The album opens with "Guilt Of Discipline" , the atmospheric sounds hits you to invoke the road for the vocals screams , crispy black vocals with rhythmic guitars followed by good double based drumming , breaks are more well-done in this track my only wish was to use more clean vocals to the theme . and I must mention the vocalist here own my respect he show as much is needed in this track. 


The second track in the album is "Parallels" unusually the song start with doom clean guitars followed by great lead guitars , two minutes after the song start the vocals start to show up , same as the first song crispy touch with double based drum lines in the background , these track take more a depressive theme but its shows how much the group work on the albums . throughout the album , keyboards are heavily used to shroud the album in a thick veil of fog , at the times even being obscured the rhythm guitars are more to be outfit with a spoken touch , and lead guitars are often reek of sadness , and its almost feel like the listener is drowning in a pool of desperation that no one can pull him out of. 


The next two track goes to be as one concept track both of  "Epitaph" Part I And Part II , have the same theme , oriental doom scale guitars with "Marcello" lacks of screams , as can be seen on the small shred-fest on the night , before slowly leading the listener to the heavy beauty of keyboards , its an excellent examples of how "Marcello" allows for his band instruments to drive the song and express the emotions , though the gruff vocals and the spoken samples certainly help to enhance the experience. 


The fifth track in the release is "Growth And New Gods" , I think here the album goes to be more in Raw theme of black metal , the guitars and drum lines starts more faster , and then the tempo change to me so slow with enhance of clean guitars to enter , fine solo added to the song , but am just more missed up with the tuning , screams return to be more used with few use of harsh vocals , backgrounder solo with technical drumming to finish the song in doom theme , I think this track take the band influences more than the others.


"Ceneri" its also a doom metal theme song and its also make me feel like it’s the highlight of this album , its filled my taste more than the other song , its start with amazing clean vocals , keyboards are really well-done professionally. 


At the end I just want to send my greetings to the band members and hope to see more works for them in the future. 


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