JorZine - Bleeding Red - Evolutions Crown

Bleeding Red - Evolutions Crown

Label: Rock Road Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-09-26

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8/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  I simply recommend listening to the whole album.

These days its too hard to find a good metal band that can satisfies all of your needs, the thirst for new good headbanging music pulled me into a very long vortex of new extreme metal acts, but finally I found the right place in front of the debut album "Evolution's Crown" for the Germanic band "Bleeding Red". Bleeding Red is an extreme metal act that has been born in 2006 and released one EP and one Demo, and now this year seems to be delicious because it simply embrace the release of the debut album. The band is a big cocktail of extreme metal touches, the thrash metal elements can cover the death metal elements sometimes, and the Blackened death metal touches can splash your clothes with blood while headbanging, so I can easily say that this release is the cup of tea for all the extreme metal fans, for both death metal and thrash metal fan. The brutal vocals work can control your mind and grant you the energy to head-bang a whole week, Timo Joos cuts the whole sound with his throat and he gives the mixture of the sound a very harsh momentum, his work in the songs (Involution) and (Tritoxine) and (Wasted Screams) are too powerful, to describe his voice I can simply say that his throat has the power of a bulldozer. The guitar works are tight and sunken in energetic riffs, these riffs here are the fuel tank that about to blow above the sparks of the bass lines, and the bass work is the base for all the napalmy blast-beats in this release. 



The spirit of the great bands "Kreator, Dissection, Sentenced, Suidakra" exists within the materials of "Evolution's Crown", and this gives a great indication about the band's musical direction while writing materials, this successful mixture of death-death-black metal elements shows a very wide musical background for the members of Bleeding Red, the structure of the songs are grim enough carry many influences and many bricks of heavy and fast metal riffs. The instrumentals (Bloodforce) and (Calm Before the Storm) were too interesting too, the band took a different direction through these instrumentals by being more melodic, and successfully this served the purpose very well. When you listen to about 30 minutes of this album, you will realize that you only listened to the half total time ! Who would ever refuse sixty minutes of brutal headbanging guitar works and blasting vital drums ? No one ! the members were too respectable and decent about the total time of this release, you will enjoy every single riff in this release because of the manifold elements that have been shattered and distributed carefully with a very professional way. 


Songs like (Frequencies) and (The Running Man) are great enough to start your day with, the beast beating drums and the twisted vocals work are fighting side by side with the bass and guitars against your ears, and songs like (Nameless) and (Calling for your Downfall) are tough enough to fix your mood and fill your mind with hate and anger, the big amount of feelings that float on the surface of the tracks have been composed in a perfect way to leave a blow of satisfaction for all the listeners. 


This debut album will be certainly my best debut album in 2012 because simply you won't be able to find all the extreme metal elements that you like in one cup, but this album has proven to me that its really possible to embrace all of the materials of many different metal genres and spread them into one album, so prepare yourself to a very huge experience while listening to this record, because you will be blown 12 times with these sick twelve tracks of hate and energy, this album is very recommended for all the fans of Death Metal and Black Metal music. 


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