JorZine - Lelahell - Al Intihar

Lelahell - Al Intihar

Label: Goressimo Records

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-04

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10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10

Highlights:  The entire album is just perfect

1999, should be a year to remember in the Middle Eastern Metal history, it was the year when an Algerian metal band with the name Litham, released one of the best Metal albums in the region to this date, unfortunately, this band went into hiatus, more of disbanded condition, and didnt release a thing since then, but their front man, Redouane aka Lelahel (with one "L" in the end), kept showing from time to time with new project, and they are all just fucken great, and his newest project continues the trend, Lelahell debut EP , "Al Intihar" [Suicide in English], just another master piece from the hands of Redouane, Epic , Brutal, Proggy, Aggressive  with the same old Litham spice of Traditional music and Arabic lyrics Parts. 


I will not go song by song, I dont want to give you any hint about how awesome is this EP, and how you must get your hands on it in the nearest opportunity, this EP is just as Litham album , should be in the archive of any Middle Eastern enthusiast, and to see how could just man, Lelahell, create an EP, record, mix and master it, in the Middle East and make it sound as great as any international band, from now on, if you have a band tell you; "yeah our scene is difficult and we can't get do things better", give him this EP and tell him "Your argument is inlaid!".


In the End, if you are an "Extreme" metal fans of all its kind, Death, Grindcore, Prog/Tech Death, you will find it all in this EP, in one cohesive piece of extremity art, even Black metalers to check Lelahell cover of the Black Metal classic cover, "Frozen Moon" by the legends Mayhem, which is not like regular straight forward cover, but it comes with Lelahel. This short EP of six tracks will give you surprises and thrills through its 27 minutes you will not get in most of the full albums you hear these days. 


Highlights: Everything Redouane A. doing, from his vocals, to his guitar and drums playing, damn he is Dan Swano of the Arabic region for me, enough said.


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