JorZine - Crow7 - Symphony of Souls

Crow7 - Symphony of Souls

Label: SAOL

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-05

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Dirty Lies

Here in the Arabic world, it's a common sense that when you say "Made In Germany" that means top quality, something reflects excellence, it's not like Japan neither USA, no, it's the German touch. Crow7, just made me believe that is just one hundred percent sure.


Crow7 is relatively new band, formed in 2005 and released 2 albums to date, had successful shows in Germany and opened for HAGGARD European tour, but the band still relatively unknown, which is a big shame, but it's kind of how things going these days in metal.


Musically, The Germanic Quartet doesn't do something new or ground breaking over here, but they combine different styles into one pot, they like to call it, ProMeRo (Progressive Metal Rock), which gives a good general idea about the band sound, but its not enough, because the band blend traits from old school Metal and Rock, close to their hometown legends Scorpions, mix it with Symphonic metal elements, and even adding touches of Death metal growls, this mix on paper looks too odd and highly will not be easy to digest, but I was surprised of how good it was and how enjoyable "Symphony of Souls", an album that I kept hearing it, more than most of my favorite metal artists, before I lay down this review. "Symphony of Souls", music is not quite original, as I said before, but the mix goes smoothly and stick to your ears easily, something you dont quite find it often among the new wave of high quality metal productions.And the main reason behind this, is Corbin Eved classical vocals, that makes the album familiar for the lovers of classic Heavy Metal and Rock. The guitarist Seth Aban Leads, which his solos made the album melodies memorable and leave a touch in the listener, without exaggerating or showing off. Gideon Vanth growls were just like the cream in the top of a delicious pie of good Rock n Roll. And the Symphonic elements blended within this mix beautifully.


The only negative thing I find in this album, its length. One hour and 20 minutes, in fifteen song, is kinda long for nowadays standards, despite I didnt find that trouble listening the album in its entirety, am sure many fans will find it hard to complete it in our superfast times of twitting and Facebooking. "Symphony of Souls" is a great album for the melodic & classic metal lovers, it will give them an enjoyable ride that am sure it will keep them checking it from time to time, cause Crow7 give us a metal worth hearing over the time, not just as most nowadays music, you hear it when it come out and then fade out. Go and grab you copy and you will not regret, a real good solid Rock & Metal is happening here, and its "Made in Germany" too!


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