JorZine - Midway - Burdens Lost

Midway - Burdens Lost

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-09-13

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7/10 8/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Kraken

Dubai hardcore group Midway have just released their EP "Burdens Lost". The band are going through the right road in the scene and I'm sure these young stars are going to be something important in the music scene. Midway's release is unique and special to the Middle Eastern scene and this EP is a good, solid example of what they were at this time. 


The release starts with the first track "Lights", which has powerful stop/start sections, drums and guitars which burst style into a steady rhythm. Vocals here were tightly and highly melodic, breaks come as they should and it's just a prefect sound for hardcore music theme. 


"Burdens Lost" is the second track and here the music goes faster and more melodic than usual. Once you get caught up in the well-done riffs, the speed and the vocals, any thought of disliking these guys for being too unoriginal goes right out the window and I think that’s pretty much all that matters for fans. 


Then it’s the third track "Burning Bridges" that contains a lot of really catchy riffs. Perhaps the most interesting element on display was the guitar work which was more in common with a more run of the mill of death metal band than a hardcore hybrid band, they don’t sound out of place at all and in fact add to the already powerful sound of the band. 


"Kraken", the last track in this release, showed how much the band put their effort into the EP. Complex and impressive, just what a hardcore/metalcore should be formed as, it shows a great level of control. 


My last comment for this release is that it's bloody impossible to find legendary stuff these days, but it's worth seeking out and I'm pretty sure these guys will have a great future in their field.


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