JorZine - Paindemonium - Demonipathy

Paindemonium - Demonipathy

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-09-13

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7.5/10 8/10 8/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  At The Altar, Oneness

The Egyptian melodic blackened death metal band Paindemonium release "Demonipathy " back into late of 2010 , some words must to say here , this is a very impressive release from a band I know very much about. Paindemonium seem to have managed and develop their own style of death metal, which is very refreshing on today's middle east scene , at the same time they really stick with the old school death sound with some black sound riffing , the high points would be the originality of their sound at times. 


Intro hitting the first second of the stream titled "The Sign" well-play music make you waiting for more  lines of the aggressive love for music . 


On "At The Altar" and "The Visionary Conquest" brings the listener a raw, mid tempo style of black metal that focuses less upon blasting and more on evil sounding, abrasive grooves, which is a nice change of pace for a black metal act. Do not be mistaken, there are some fast rhythms and rapid fire double bass beats here, but "At The Altar" is obviously a band that realizes that they can create a sinister sound without resorting to speed for speed's sake with leaving a touch of oriental scale which is used in both tracks . 


"Oneness" is the fourth track in this release , the musicianship is definitely there , they do a great job at flowing from riff to riff , they use odd time signatures very effectively , unless you have a great ear for it , you would have a hard time telling they aren't playing standard time signatures when they do , I really enjoyed the vocals here from Raafat Atasi who was in Absentation and now playing too with Anarchadia a thrash metal band from Syria , he's really add a cool depth to the riff , as the bass guitar do it too. 


In "Secret Pandemonium" guitars and bass sound is very engaging , the sound sounds excellent for me , they manage to convey the energy while they was recording , the music wraps you up , throw you against a brick wall , and then pulls back , if you know what I mean , if you don’t . I will give it to you this way " excellent for headbanging" , great clean guitars touch , just an amazing way to close the theme of this song. 


A cover for a death metal icon "At The Gates" was done in this release called " Blinded by Fear" really amazing tribute from band played very well , I think they just own  some of "At the gate" fan eyes by doing this. 


Overall, this is a very good record. Definitely worth buying, if you manage to find it.


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