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DeathCrosS - Eternally

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Kassem - 2012-09-03

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8/10 8/10 8/10 7.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  The Reason Why, Eternally

DeathCrosS a one man project hailing from Damascus, Syria, formed back in 2004. They started as an Instrumental Doom Metal project then changed their style into something darker, melancholic, and extremely emotional. If you never heard of DeathCrosS' work, it'd be safe to assume that if you like Antimatter or later Anathema's albums, you will simply love this act's style. 


"Eternally" is the band's fifth full-length album. I'm not going to write a typical song-by-song type of review. "Eternally" pretty much takes the listener on a journey through emotions, by the clean and beautifully whispered vocals, a lot of acoustic guitar playing, and wonderful piano scores. The album is almost a 45 minute-based-sad-atmospheric-relaxation-sound (that's right! problem?), the melodies couldnt be any better, with songs such as: "The Reason Why", "Eternally" and "The End (Creepy Cold Jail)". Nothing be better than listening to these songs with the lights switched off. With no doubt, "Eternally" is my favorite DeathCrosS' album, at least comparing it to the releases that I already heard, which are: "You'll Find Me", "Dark String", and "I'll Forever Fail". My only complaint about this album is that I wanted it to be a bit more metal. However, Samer AlHaddad managed to deliver another album that has a soul, and not just any soul, a damaged soul (in a good way of course!). 


I can't really find the words to describe this album, so I'll put it this way: as we all know in the Mid-East, most metal albums are either death, or black with all their hybrid forms. So you want something new? Something like, let's say -- dark and emotional? Then this the one album you must check out!


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