JorZine - Mordab - Room No.X

Mordab - Room No.X

Label: Zurvan Records

Reviewer: SiaVash Sabke Morde (SSM) - 2012-09-05

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6.5/10 7.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10

Highlights:  "Room No.X" - "War"

The very first phrase I heard was the album's namesake in which there's a tiny, intangible melody hidden under other instruments that showcases Mordab's interest in details. There's an eastern feeling throughout the album as well -- a grim sentiment. It is host to a mutineer who lives there and had various experiences and distinct feelings: anger, rebellion, and grief. This album, like the mutineer, is moody. 


Bass and acoustic guitars play an important role in creating the atmosphere, the music often starts or ends with acoustic/clean guitars or repeated musical phrases, making the album more dynamic and less boring. There are significant rests in between the structure, actually in the structure of songs. Sometimes there are too many breaks and it sounds like three different themes forcibly mixed together. On the other hand, there were some points in which the breaks/rests were absolutely needed and were used very well.


Like before, there was a track with traditional/clean vocals called, "Suicide And Redemption"! (Heard that name before?) Room No.X is about an hour long, "Suicide And Redemption" is almost in the middle of the album and again, there are instrumental tracks on the album. 


Even though it's not the best album I've heard in Middle East, it's a good listen and neither as tragic nor as burdensome as the previous album was, actually, it's more easy-going and predictable.


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