JorZine - Leviathan - Beyond the Gates of Imagination Pt. I

Leviathan - Beyond the Gates of Imagination Pt. I

Label: BretHard Records / Twilight Distribution

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-09-06

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8/10 7/10 7.5/10 7/10 8/10

Highlights:  Reaper’s Edict , Sway Of The Stars

Leviathan the German Melodic Progressive Death Metal group released their debut album back in 2011 titled, "Beyond the Gates of Imagination Pt. I". They are a promising metal act that stands out for their Melodic and Progressive approach -- truly brilliant and powerful from start to finish. 


Before going into the album, I must mention that this album is divided into three parts, like a play with three acts. "Prologue", the into of this album gives you an idea from the very beginning of the gentle progressive breaks scattered throughout the album. The guitar lines are perfectly executed, and some very impressive drums work. But don't fill up just yet, it's still only the overture. 


To start with, the first act, "Conduct" contains three tracks : 

  1. Beneath A Blackened Sky
  2. Where Light And Death Unite
  3. Reaper’s Edict


this act is about our behaviour, about what we do, it deals with war, torture, the oil catastrophe in the gulf of mexico. Coming from such a diverse spectrum of bands , I was curious to hear what sounds would be summoned. And what Leviathan arrive at is a stylish form of Melodic Death Metal that often hangs on to Progressive elements. The band incorporates a similar wealth of sound , keyboards are atmospheric, slow and melancholic, guitar lines are built upon churning rhythm chords, acoustic strums show up anytime the songs are set to a slow tempo, the vocalist gives his best and utilizes acoustic piano effects to offset the heavier moments. 


Moving to act two time called, "Essence". It contains the next two songs : 

  1. Servants Of The Nonexistent
  2. The Scourge We Wield



This Act is about our identity, who we are: it deals with the abuse of nature and religion.


There were three things that make these two tracks a cut above: First, the mastery of the singer's clean vocal lines that takes the act to another level whether it's followed by "crisp" vocals or not, it's still this number's highlight. The drummer used perfect techniques, providing a lot more prominence here more than he ever had in his life. It is obvious that he possess a good ear for matching drum patterns to riffs. The guitarist is decent enough, playing catchy riffs in the verses and melancholic lead lines in the choruses generally, but neither of the two songs sounded the same. The track, "The Scourge We Wield" presented a female vocalist which enticed me to listen closer to every moment in remainder the album. There were no Folk influences played by the band during this track, and showed that these boys have a lot of experience. 


The final act of this play, "Ambition" and its last two tracks : 

      1.About Fangs And Feathers

      2.Sway Of The Stars


This final one is about our goals: it deals with envy as well as megalomania, here is where those neck-breaking heavy track themes were covered with that Folkish fast pacings, and what almost sounded like pure Folk/Death bands at one point. Later on they move into clean vocals again and managed to devise a nice solo to go along with it. With the act's calculated drumming and the best keyboard lines in this album, I need to imagine a word to describe what this sounds like. I mean, with all the influences ranging from the use of melodic guitars, to the switchs between growls and clean singing, a lot of keyboard use and sometimes Folk bits, you end up trying to talk about a concoction of Melodic/Progressive/Gothic/Folk/Death Metal. Which was assembled really professionally in Leviathan's case. 


The last thing to be mentioned here is the smooth songwriting that is common to the entire album and makes for a real "rocked the fuck out" experience. I'm sure this band is going to the list of mainstream bands after more releases like the the concept of this release and they will deifintely impress us more in the future.


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