JorZine - Absolace - Fractals

Absolace - Fractals

Label: Spellbind Records

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-04

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9/10 8.5/10 9/10 9.5/10 9/10

Highlights:  The Fall, Sirens

There is no doubt that Dubai has become one of the most prominent cities in the metal scene within the middle east. The most important bands are there, big events happens there, and Absolace comes from there too, one of the most "relatively new" notable bands. After their highly impressive debut album, Resolve [d], the band returned with another even more impressive second album, Fractals. 


Absolace's music falls under the genre of alternative/progressive metal, something between Tool and Porcupine Tree, a combination that is perfect on paper and looks easy to be done. I believe the contrary because that runs the risk of the band being criticized for sounding too similar to the original bands, which Absolace had successfully overcome since the first album. Yes, there are high influences from both bands, and others who fall in the same category, still Absolace give us a great dose of perfect metal & rock. The main reasons being, Nadim catchy vocals and Jack Skinner's great guitar skills. I'm not saying that the others, Ben Harris on Bass and Greg Cargopoulos on Drums, dont do their own contribution too, but it's just that Nadim and Jack adds somewhat of what you can call Absolace's own signature, own sound. 


Fractals is an energetic Progressive rock/metal album, a step forward in the right path from the band's first album. From the first track, "Sirens," the band gets you immediately into the middle of Absolace's soul and the essence of their sound. Then the album gets even better and more solid with the Pink Floydish intro of "The Rise," followed by Toolish riffs. And then their album's first promo single, "I Am, So I Will," hits you with its metallic riffs. The album then starts alternating between long proggy songs, (Chroma Mera, Alpha Omega and the heaviness of "The Fall"), and shorter ones which are heavy like Dichotomy or smooth rockish ones like Shape and Form. 


Absoalce almost reached perfection with Fractals, while solidifying their musicianship, giving an album rich with variations in sound that will satisfy their old and new fans alike. In addition, they are putting their name among the most important acts in the middle eastern scene and you definitely should check out their album and keep your eyes on them for future releases.


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