JorZine - Overkill - The Electric Age

Overkill - The Electric Age

Label: Nuclear Blast

Reviewer: Anas Disi - 2012-09-05

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9.5/10 8.5/10 9.5/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Drop The Hammer Down, Black Daze

The ability to thrash the fuck out of everything with incredible technicality and dripping originality is something not possessed by many bands today. Out of all the rather mediocre revivalist albums, the more-heavy-than-thrash Big 4 albums and the rather groovy albums of once Bay Area comrades, Overkill rode deep with its stunning, large discography and faced the years of struggle with an iron fist held out. When hope was lost in thrash, Ironbound retrieved it with amazing sounds. This time, however, The Electric Age proves that Overkill is just getting better. 


Opening with the stunning, thrashing "Come And Get It", continuing with the thrash anthem of the decade "Electric Rattlesnake" and riding through old-school heavy tracks like "Black Daze" and fast gallopers like "Drop The Hammer Down" and "All Over But The Shouting", this album is all but a small distance from perfection. The vocals are more powerful on here than on even the band's debut, the production is clearer than ever, the bass is amazing and the guitars' riffage and solos are beyond description. 


Never mind all the bands that stand today showing off how they can riff by including a thousand riffs and you cannot feel the taste in even one. Never mind all the technical, all the progressive and all the "retro" bands that want to prove an image. Overkill have nothing to prove, Overkill don't need to show off anything. The whole album sounds so easily constructed yet so complicated that it revives your hope in just listening and banging to the music without it containing as much crap as your local garbage dump. 


A must for any metalhead out there. Thrasher or not, this will show all the kids today the pure way to do metal and especially thrash. 


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