JorZine - Dog Faced Corpse - Demo 2012

Dog Faced Corpse - Demo 2012

Label: Salute Records

Reviewer: Tiphany Mataï - 2012-09-03

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Channel of Decomposed Bodies

[Translated By: Salma Ben Rached]

 “Revelation of the first Iraqi band “ 


There are countries that are overburdened with death metal, such as Sweden or the United States which have witnessed the birth, gradually, the masters of the genre. There are other countries that are beginning to emerge, Far East, for example, whether in India or Singapore, bands of brutal death are less rare, and impose a trademark under the sign of the underground, then on the other hand then there is the Middle East and it’s on fire scene that will with time move ahead. And it’s for a good cause. 


Politics and religion are both the primary factors that prevent the most passionate in the making of music process, the passion which what metal is all about. No one has thought that Dog Faced Corpse will go all the way through with their dreams and become the very first Iraqi death metal band. There are only two Iraqi bands: Acrassicauda (thrash metal), and Dog Faced Corpse, founded in 2008 by the drummer Lateef.


The quintet in question, despite the difficulties, finally managed to get their first demo, signed to Salute Records, Swedish label of the underground. In a country torn apart by conflicts, Where wearing a pentagram is mainly a sign for being Jewish.   Dog Faced Corpse and their « Demo 2012 »has allowed them to grant themselves a gore imagery inspired by morbid stories of their country : mutilation, murders and chaos...Taking the dog as a symbol, Iraqis incorporate this figure throughout their compositions, as a mascot, bloody and terrifying. 


Dog Faced Corpse are inspired by many brutal bands such as  Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Gorgasm ou Disgorge, and this is immediately obvious first we hear the tracks. « The Drill » starts off with a sample of chainsaw before alternating fast and brutal parts and slower parts, to staccato guitars. The band tries to be technical at this part, attempting to show a certain command of their instruments. Same goes for the furious and merciless "Broiled", marked by the ruthless side of the drums, and riffs, but especially by jazzy influences in the end of the track.


Because yes, Dog Faced Corpse hasn’t only brutal death influences, but occasionally incorporates both influences of classical music and jazz, this is most obvious on "Channel of Decomposed » and its melodic part, which gives a little respite of plain aggression. Whether in here or elsewhere, the bass lines are well incorporated. 


A failure in the production process of each track, lack of means, is however what gave the compositions a hint of lack of power and mastership, all are often too rough and the sound is more underground, the guitar is relegated to the background or vice versa with with the drums. Despite the visible concept, the four tracks have trouble standing on their toes, although aggression is fully proved, the growls at times resemble to a dog growl. However, it is clear that with better equipments and production facilities, Dog Faced Corpse could provide a smoother death metal, more representative and less compressed, even if this demo is encouraging and that risk taking is undeniable.


[All social network profiles for the band had been disabeled due to the Iraqi Metal scene problems, for more info read here.]



Posted as part of our partnership with Tiphany Mataï, reviewer from the French Spirit of Metal Webzine. Original French review can be seen here.


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