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Mercelel interview

Band: Mercelel

By: Joscene Team - 2017-07-04

I had the chance to have a little chat with the guy/girl from Mercelel Lebanon, enjoy!

-What Does Your Band Name Mean?

-Mercelel is the combination of the words Mercenary and Elel which means night in arabic.


-Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

-My biggest influence is Art Inferno. They are the masters of symphonic black metal. If you want to hear an orchestral black metal album from the 90s, you have to give them a listen.

-What are you working on and shall we wait for a full EP?

-There’s a full-length ready to be released, I’m just having time difficulties with other work and family commitments.


-When and why did you start playing?

-I started playing because I wanted to make music about how fucked the war is in Lebanon. I haven’t seen anyone sing in Arabic mainly especially black metal. I was kinda nervous about it because I did not want my identity to come out but honestly now Im glad I got out what I wanted to release.

-Have any of your songs been published? (If so, by whom?)

-I have released my full-length album online,  but as a physical copy , only rare limited edition with bonus track which is released by Japanese record label called  Black Aeon Records.

-Who are your band members?

-I play all instruments and do the vocals. I had guest vocalists on the full-length, and extra help from a good friend of mine, who goes by ‘’ Magister of Symphonies’’, who did a lot of the symphonic work on the album. He actually was part of black metal scene in Lebanon, but now have moved to Australia recently.

-What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

-My songs are about the war, torture, and the damage the country goes through. I lost two of my friends two years ago who were innocent and being normal pedestrians. Screaming in my band helps relieve the pain I go through thinking about them. I feel its my duty for them, to get a word out there.

-Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

-I’ve been asked this question in another interview and I will say exactly what I said there as I have nothing to add!  Yes I have written all the songs. Having Magister of Symphonies on my side was  a big advantage for me, he has been in previous notable symphonic black metal bands from Australia and knows what the fans want. He informed very well that choruses are very important and that there be must variation of sounds. I have a huge metal collection, I love many bands from different genres, I try my best to combine genres together into one song. It's very hard to do so, but I tried my best. If you listen to ''Born From Chaos'', you'd realize that drums are rarely listenable. I had trouble finding suitable drummer for the genre, but I couldn't find anyone. I learnt drums when I was 9 back in Lebanon but I eventually got over it and stopped it after a year since the lessons started to become very expensive with my parent's financial situation not being great. So i had to play drums with the knowledge that I've learnt almost 12 years ago. Yet again, black metal is all about blast beats, but I did not want blast beats in my music. I guess the drums was the only let down in my album.


-How do you describe your music to people?

-I would describe it mainly as epic atmospheric black metal. If you want your mood brightened up, you’d want to hear my shrieks, HA!.

-What do you think about the Black Metal scene:

-I’m glad you asked.

1) Worldwide, It’s made a hell out of a name for itself, but the satanic theme behind it, is what kind of ruins it for your casual dudes who want to play music for fun. You’re scared to put your name on the internet cause of work commitments. It shouldn’t be like that, music is an art, you’re meant show people your talent, not hide your identity.

2) In Lebanon, It’s shit because the metalheads in Lebanon made it become like that. If it’s not your emoheads, then its your so called satanists who think they know it all about black metal. The scene is terrible. I don’t expect any band to be playing music as full time work, but I think the main problem with Lebanese metal bands, it feels to me they want the world to feel sorry for them. Like, hey, our music isn’t great, but we’re from Lebanon, check us out.

-Where do you live and why? And when you will return to your fatherland?

-I’m currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I have family and work commitments here. At the moment, there’s nothing that motivates me to go back. With the amount I spend to go there, I might as well go around the world.

-Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal?

-I’m happy with independent label I’m with at the moment, because they understand my band is only part time, and thus there’s no pressure on releasing new material.

-What live performance experience have you had?

-I haven’t had any, but been asked many times to perform for multiple local black metal bands. I refused because hardly any of them played the music taste I like.

-If you were a superhero what powers would you have?

-Making the dead alive again. I’d love to get Eurnomyous back fom the dead, I’m sure he would like to fuck Varg up.  Dude, the fight between them would be more hectic than our politicians on television.

-Thank you so much for your time and i hope to see you soon in Lebanon, any last words?

-Thank you for the interview. Expect big news from Mercelel soon, if you haven’t heard LEBNEN MABIMOUT, check it out ,






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