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Aaskereia Interview

Band: Aaskereia

By: Ali Siklawi - 2017-02-03

Hey Eihwaz, at first it was really hard to find you, and i thought i will never talk to you again,

what's up man, it's been a while, and why on instagram?

Eihwaz: Ahh, long story, i made this page a while ago to talk to that other german band, but things

went sour, usually grim comes on this, we do have facebook as well, but i don't go much on it.


- i see, anyway let's talk about the mix of genres in your last 2 albums, the atmosphere and

everything, Morgoth did well in 2011's album "Dort, Wo Das Alte Böse Ruht" but still, i can't find

your singles and full live album in bindersleben , even your names on the tapes hahaha.


Eihwaz: Thank you! We usually prefer not to have our names out there and all this is why you

can't find our names, official pages, personal pages whatever the name is.

- Yeah, why though? Why u prefer to remain anonymous, what's the point of this?

Eihwaz: Well we aren't in it for fane and glory, we feel black metal should remain detached from

this as possible and one of our members is in trouble with the police though this wasn't why we

decided to go anonymous...not underground, i don't like to label Aaskereia as underground.

Halvar Norgesverd.

- Hope it's not Grim hahaha, any new projects?

Eihwaz: We are working on a split with band Tsjuder, but it's very secret, only 6 songs in total, and

for some reasons, it won't be available on our official page on facebook.

- Ahh, i know the dudes, they are really friendly.

When you're going to announce it?

Eihwaz: They are, and it is all up to Nag, i would like to say by december, though we tried to share

it on Hallooween's night, but again, you have a lot of troubles and you're dealing with a lot of shit

and bad luck.

- Amazing, the timing and everything.

Eihwaz: i felt so too.

- So are you working on new stuff in Aaskereia, or not yet?

Eihwaz: Not yet no, a member is experiencing family issues, we stopped for him.

- Hope the best for him, how did you joined Aaskereia? You were friends with Grim?

Eihwaz: Was in band Brocken Moon, the brother of a member in this band was Fafnir, and i was

his friend, wich is drummer of Aaskereia too.


- How's the scene in Germany?

Eihwaz: Small; spread about many areas.

- Media shit, Nargaroth wannabe bands?

Eihwaz: Ahh yes, i hate Kanwulf, he tried playing us in Gurstsrtrücher.

- Ash should focus more on the scene in germany...not south america. Add mayhem, behemoth,

dimmu too.

Eihwaz: Yes, it is faggy 14 years old wearing Darkthrone shirts, cursing religion by another part in

religion, it is sad.

- Yeah, potato quality is kvlt...Talking about music quality, you're one of the rarest black metal

bands who have high quality music, no potato tapes, my favorite song is Die Wadlteufle by the


Eihwaz: Ah! Well we've recorded this song last 2 weeks before releasing the album hahaha, plus

why to potato quality when you can do better, high quality music.

- What are you religion beliefs?

Eihwaz: Christian.

No i joke, Druid or European Pagan i say is close, not odinisim though.

- More like new paganism.

Eihwaz: Yes.

- Talk to me about Yord. She's your wife?

Eihwaz: Yord is our acoustic guitarist, and no she's not my wife, girl viveka is, Yord dates

drummer of Dark Funeral's drummer.

- Wich drummer, wich one?

Eihwaz: Drummer of Dark Funeral hahaha

- Hahaha


Eihwaz: What's your name by the way?

- It's a muslim name hahaha.

Eihwaz: My first name is christian as fuck!

- Hahaha, why you've chosen Eihwaz as a stage name?

Eihwaz: It is the name of a rune.

- In these 4 pictures, we see Grim crying, do you remember what song he was performing? It was

in 2007's concert.

Eihwaz: Let me see mmm. I remember this show but i do not remember in what song the photo

was taken, since photos just happen.

- Why he was crying though, it seems like he was giving a lot of emotions here.

Eihwaz: i dont know what goes in his head, i suppose gets emotional for sure performing such

music, plus Grim is sensitive sometimes, he's a calm person, a nature lover and he don't like it

when there's a lot of people, exept in gigs of course(we rarely go live though).

- Grim is really amazing man, even in studio records with Aaskereia, Brocken Moon and

Wolfsthron he touches you with his amazing vocals, especially the howling and clean singing

parts add that his live vocals are like the one on the CDs, it's all pro and from the heart.

Eihwaz: He is! And thank you, i consider him one of the best vocalists in the genre.


- Kanwulf!

Eihwaz: Hahaha

- Eihwaz, thank you for this amazing interview u never changed, and don't disappear again

hahaha, keep logging on facebook and stop being an old man!

Eihwaz: Hahaha, it was a chill...catch you later bro.


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