JorZine - Dimlight -Jordan Interview

Dimlight -Jordan Interview

Band: Dimlight

By: Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham & Sarah Jawa'an - 2017-01-30

In a very huge step forward towards a stronger, more professional Metal scene in our country, 

Joscene managed to book the international symphonic metal band ( Dimlight ) in a one of a kind show, where fans witnessed what it is like to be in the presence of an international band , that play great, symphonic and highly professional music, and be fully blown away by it.

Also on a very special note , Dimlight happen to be the first international band to ever perform in the country of jordan , which opens the door to many other international acts to visit and perform here in our beloved jordan.

and we in ( Jorzine ) had the pleasure of meeting with them personally and interviewing them.

and just for the record, they are the most humble, down to earth , highly talented and complete kind people we ever interviewed.

My Partner Sarah And I , Conducted The Interview:


Its a pleasure having with us  today, this is a huge step for the Scene because you are the first international band to actually perform in jordan.



Thank you very much , we are very excited to be here with you in jordan !

Its a great opportunity for us.



What Do You Expect From Jordanian Fans ?



first of all , We hope they enjoy our music because this is a huge deal for us, when people enjoy the music we make.

because first of all ,we make music to feel good about ourselves , to enjoy ourselves and then the fans,  so when they DO enjoy our music, it is a huge thing to us, makes us more motivated and happy.


Music is like medicine to us, It makes us feel better, and feel better about everything else, so it is a good deal when people use our medicine and enjoy it as much as we do .

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Do you ever think about playing a full orchestral show ? like What Dimmu Borgir did back in 2011 ?



To be honest, It is one of our biggest dreams, but its unlikely to happen , because it needs lots of musicians , around 60 or 70 orchestra members and then the financials would make it even more difficult for us.

and the orchestration is also an extremely hard job to do, because you need a huge stage, lots of musicians , a great conductor to lead the orchestra and manage to balance things between our music and theirs.

but if we were given the chance, without thinking about it we would do it immediately haha !



How was your experience working with Joscene for the second Time , after the first time in Dubai ?



well , We have many shows , in many cities in many countries, but the countries that gave us a different type of feeling, a different type of treatment, were Egypt , Jordan And Dubai !

It was the best thing I have ever had, more than I even imagined

Mr. Jaber is the best guy among them all , We all Love him !

He treats us with respect and commit to our plans and schedules and always makes us feel important and well respected.

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How Do you feel being the first international band to perform in our country ?



When We were Informed that we are the first international band to perform in jordan , we were shocked!
it gave us a responsibility to perform with 100 % effort , and focus more into delivering the best show we could ever give.

our  ( A - Game ).

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What are your favorite songs to perform live?



Its hard to decide to be completely honest with you, because each song is like our child, and it is hard to pick a favorite child !
but to answer this , we always prefer playing our newer songs live, because we would most proud of them and want people to hear them with us and enjoy them as much as we do.



And As a surprise to you our jordanian friends , we will play two brand new songs from our upcoming album , for the first time ever !
so this is something big.


Well , among our favorite songs from your latest album : The Lost Chapters are :
Children Of Perdition , Fear The Heavens and Clash Of Immortals , Would you play them live for us  today ?

Or do you have another set prepared for us tonight ?



We actually will perform The Lost Chapters In its entirety for you guys today, Plus the two new songs.

Its Based on the egyption Methology, and we will show u , that we love the middle east , and its culture and rich history 


What are your favorite bands to tour with ?


well , I as Eva would love to tour with Gojira , they are one of the most fantastic live bands to witness, and one of the nicest people to be around.

and Septic flesh , which we made that happen , and it was a great experience.


Ive always been a fan of the hardcore scene, So for me if I had the chance i would tour with : Killswitch engage and Gojira as well !
and because of the similarities in our orchestral arrangement in our songs , We would like to tour with Dimmu Borgir !

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What are your favorite festivals or countries to tour and perform in ?





hahahah  its by far our favorite place and festival to perform in , because the people there were very kind, very accepting and highly energetic and they made us enjoy our time , more than we do in most  of Europe!


Thank you very much Peter and Eva , We are completely happy to have you here in our country , and we cant wait for the performance.

Good luck friends .




And after the show we managed to ask the fans what they thought about the show !
and for the first time in all of the festivals we covered , it is the first time where fans were 100 % pleased with the show , and the bands that performed,

and of course the Highlight Of the evening was Dimlight , and theie energetic , powerful performance !
So we thank them for a night of a life time, and we cant wait for the next time they grace us with their presence !
Thank you Peter , Eva and The Entire Camp Of Dimlight !
See you soon !



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