JorZine - Interview with Nord Band

Interview with Nord Band

Band: Nord

By: Ali Siklawi - 2017-01-10

-Today we are interviewing a band from Denmark, please welcome Bjarne from NORĐ.

First, I would like to ask you, do you have singles? Bjarne: Yes we have just released the first single “Rosehip Garden” from our upcoming ep “Alpha” -

How did you join the band? Bjarne: The members headhunted me after hearing my performance with my former band See The Sky.

- Whats the meaning of the name NORĐ? - Bjarne: It means North and refers to the sound and feeling in the music. You can hear the nordic vibes in it. Also the original band line-up included members from Iceland and The Faroe Islands. The special D comes from those languages.

- Do u play other styles than progressive? - Bjarne: No I prefer to make progressive music.

- Do you have/signed a label? - Yes we are going to release the ep “Alpha” on a label called Inverse Records from Finland. They contacted us after having listened to our single.

- Do you have other talents than a vocalist? - I play guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals, but I only do vocals in NORÐ.

- What bands influences u the most? Mostly prog like Periphery, Dream Theater, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree and many more. But my absolute favourite is everything with Steven Wilson, all his projects are full of soul.

- Who write the lyrics? The guitarist Niels writes the lyrics and I do the vocal structures and melodies. When was the first time u discovered yourself as a vocalist?

– When I was 4 years old. At the age of 8 I attended my first talent competition and won. But my first band was Akillian that I started with some school friends when I was 10-11 years old.

- Talk to me about NORĐ's politics/religious views - Our lyrical universe in centered around the decadence of the human race and a dystopic future. We focus on subjects like modern warfare, terrorism, greed, carelessness, love, justice and a future where human beings are no longer the superior species on this earth. So you might say that we have some political views regarding these subjects, and they become evident in our lyrics. We are interested in the psychology of the human mind and the impact it has on the world. We do not have any religious views since religion is not a part of our lives.

- Does that make an influence on your music? - Indeed. We try to discuss contemporary subjects and tendencies that are relevant for all of us. Lyrics about one person’s feelings are boring. What’s really interesting is to look at society and the human race as a whole and discuss how we administer the role as masters of the planet.

-How many song u've wrote until now? - We have 12 songs and more in the making. Our influences vary a lot and our music moves in many directions. Some songs are slow and dirty while others are fast and furious. Some have the style of old heavy metal music.

- So, talking about the old school heavy metal, ever thought of mixing both genres? Heavy and prog? - That’s pretty much what we’re trying to do. Our songs are progressive but have elements of heavy metal and rock. We’re not a “straight” metalband that you can label within one of the metal subgenres. We have our very own unique expression that’s a mixture of many elements from heavy music.

- What do you think about the metal scene in Denmark - The metal scene in Denmark is very vivid and we see many great new bands coming. The scene has very loyal fans who support both the old pioneers like Invocator or Mnemic and the new talents that arise.

- Last question, If u were a superhero, what would u do? - Expand the hours! 24 hours are not enough! I barely have time to interact with my fans, which I really love. But I always try my best to be in touch with our fans... It’s my goddamn responsibility, I am there for them and they deserve respect, because they are here for me too.

- Thank you for your time Bjarne

- You’re welcome. Thank you for having me.


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