JorZine - Interview With Darkest Horizon Band

Interview With Darkest Horizon Band

Band: Darkest Horizon

By: Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham - 2017-01-09

Darkest horizon hail from germany , formed back in 2010 and got some international attention with their EP Shattered Skies back in 2011 and shared many
festival stages with many international bands such as Dark Tranquility, Septic Flesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse!

their 2014's Debut album " The Grand Continuum" continues their work as melodic death metal act with so many potential to become one of the greats.

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Hello......first let me thank you for giving us some of your time to let the middle eastern scene to know more about your band.

And to not let them wait i will start with my first question:

1. Darkest Horizon , what is like to be one of the few melodic death metal bands coming from germany ?
and how would that pressure , effect you to do better ?

First of all, hello to you, too ;) This is a very interesting point you made, for we have been called one of the few melodic death metal bands from germany by some international magazines yet. Actually we have never seen us like this because the combination of melodic influences and brutal riffs is very common by german bands. On the other hand we neither have a melodic death metal scene (as for example the black metal or the hardcore scene) nor is germany internationally known for their melodic metal bands (as the scandinavian scenes). Of course we are proud to see that our music is known and liked further than just inside the german borders, as any band would be, but it is not as much pressure, it is more like a motivator. When you realize that music fans from countries you personally have never been too love you music, you are astonished and of course glad. Every positive review, doesn't matter if from a magazine, a webzine or just a fan-mail, is a confirmation of what you do and gives you the power and the need to push further and further. For us it is an honour to have so many people loving our music and supporting us on our way that we take every chance to improve us, our music and our show.

2. in all of your world festivals and stages, which one is your dearest , or most favorite to you ?
and why ?

Well, this difficult to say... there is not like especially good or especially bad festivals. It depends on many different things as the crowd, the organisation and not at least your personal dayform. There is nothing more amazing than the combination of a wild-going crowd, a good and friendly festival organisation and yourself giving all you have to make it the best show you played so far.
But there are of course some milestones as for example the Maelstrom Festival in Sri Lanka we played in 2016. This one is special to us for many reasons but the main reason is definitely that it has been our very first festival in Asia. And we had the warmest welcome you can imagine. It was awesome.
Another festival we have a special relation to was the Metalfest West on Loreley in germany. Not only that it was our first festival to play at in 2012, it was also our very first festival to headline a stage (Second Stage in 2014). That is just awesome to see what you reached in two years.
But in the end we love every festival that brings people together to enjoy their favorite bands and makes them show this with pure ecstasy.

3. who is the band that was your favorite to meet and tour , play live with ?
and how were they to you , as new comers ?

Hmm... to be honest, we played with a lot of very good and very professional bands so it is difficult to pick one without losing sight of the others. One band we toured last year was CRADLE OF FILTH and this was a really amazing experience. Not only that Cradle are one of the most influential symphonic and dark metal bands of all times, they are also one the bands we grew up with. Their everlasting masterpiece „Her ghost in the fog“ is one of the songs we all listened to in our early metal years.
The touring was quite fun, Cradle themselves have been very friendly and funny and the chance to share the stage with such a band for some concerts in a row was an amazing chance as well as the perfect possibility to reflect your own show and improve yourself. I will never forget the moment I turned my head on stage and saw Dani standing at the stage entrance watching our show. That gives you goosebumps and makes it hard to keep your metal-face on stage and hide you proud smile ;)

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4. out of your entire discography, what are your favorite , most fun songs to perform on stage ?

That depends on who of us you lead your question to, I think. But there are some songs that bring a special connection to the audience indeed, for example Evolution's Downfall. One of our calmest and yet most epic songs. Whenever we play this song live we can feel the audience as intensive as if there was a physical connection. It is difficult to describe...
Also two of our elder songs let the stage burn every time: A Sacrifice Divine and Skybreaker. These songs kick asses live. And people used to kick our asses back ;)

5. what are your views on the middle east music scene, are there any favorite bands or artists , places or venues you love to visit and perform in ?

To be honest, we did not have that much contact to the middle eastern music scene yet though we hope this changes now. On our trip to Sri Lanka we met Coat of Arms from Dubai, very cool guys and an amazing live band. We had a great time together and we are looking forward to play shows in the middle east to meet new bands and musicians as well as fans.
Let's see what the future brings, we will make the best of it ;)

6. its been almost 3 years since you released your last album , when can we expect a new effort from you ? and what can we expect from it ?

Right now we are working on our second full-length album. Drums and bass have already been recorded, the next step are the guitars. We used these thee years to focus on the very best material we had and to work on the details of each song. All in all we stay on our path of epical symphonic elements but improved ourselves as well as the way we work. On our new songs we worked with more slow elements to create a pressing atmosphere and gave more room to the symphonic elements as keyboards and lead-guitar. But don't worry, we didn't cut off the blasting elements, they are still there and they are still sultry and will kick everyones ass.We are curious ourselves what the result will be like but from our rehearsal days and our pre-production we are looking forward to present our new album to you. It will be the next stage after The Grand Continuum.

7. do you think since you use symphonic elements in your music , you will feature a female vocalist , or maybe clean vocals in future albums ?

Actually we had clean vocals on our second EP „Scattered Worlds“. But we did not like the result and so we skipped this thought on „The Grand Continuum“. Maybe we will try again some time, I don't want to finally eliminate this idea. But there are no plans for clean vocals in the nearer future.
For the female vocals, I have to admit, me personally I am a fan of this idea. I would not start with a female singer on an album but maybe as a crossover on a special single? That could be interesting... but we do not have any plans on that either. At the moment we concentrate on what we can best and that is combining harsh, brutal vocals with epic music.

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8. if you could choose 5 bands to tour europe with , who would you choose ?

Actually there are a lot of bands we would love to tour with. To make this not an endless list of bandnames, I will pick 5 ones that also fit to us musically:
First of all there are Cradle Of Filth who we supported on their last tour all across germany. These guys are very nice and amazing musicians so it would be fun to tour with them.
Another band who had and has still a great influence on us are Wintersun. For Teemu is a friend and guitar teacher of our lead guitar player Olli a tour with us two bands would fit perfectly.
Dark Tranquillity also a big influence on us, especially on our singer Aurelius. We also played with them on Metalfest West.
If you look for bigger stages, there would be of course Amon Amarth. Those vikings are just over the top with their show, supporting them is as well an honour as a big challenge. I would love to tour with them.
And last but not least Arch Enemy. Alissa sings as an angel and screams as the devil, supported by musicians who are masters of their art.
But in the end we love to tour with any band that we have a good relationship to. A friendly, funny atmosphere makes everything you do as much fun as it should be.

9. do you think one day you will do a live orchestral show to play your orchestral parts behind you live ? or do you not prefer the idea ?

Well, that would be the accolade of symphonic metal, I think. Everyone who has heard a classical orchestra performing knows how amazing the sound and the feelings are these musicians unleash. This overwhelming epicness combined with the power of a metal concert... Yes, I think we would love the idea. For now it is just not realizable but it is a goal to reach one day. Never say never ;)

10. tell us about your tour life , whats your favorite and least favorite things about hitting the road ?

Well, I think the most favorite thing about being on the road is acutally the time you spend on road. It is time to spend with your brothers and friends, to play great shows and work on your music. This is what we make music for, it is like a like world parallel to the „normal“ world. I would never want to miss that! Meeting new people, seeing new places... That is it!
The least favorite things are very trivial. As being on the road all day and night is very exhausting. You only get enough sleep to not fall over on stage and you are thankful for every shower you see. It also can be very cold in the winter too spend so much time outside or in halls.
But all those „negative“ sides disappear if you love what you do. And we do love it!

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11. do you have some crazy tour stories ? crazy fan stories ? or some special moments ?

Oh there are some but most of them have a prehistory. One of the last funny things that happened was one of our team members getting so drunk on a flight that when we landed he was only able to recognise our voices but not our faces. Bringing him from the plan to the airport was a very funny trip.

12. where do you see yourself in 10 years , or 20 years ?

I hope in 10 years we are still doing our music. The most amazing thing would be to be able to make a living out of it and spend our whole daytime with writing new material, playing shows and being on the road. But anyway as long as we do it the way we love it, we will enjoy any minute to that point.
In 20 years we will sit on festivals, watching young bands while mumbling „See them, we used to be that young“ into our grey beards hahaha.

13. if you had the chance to open up for one band in the future , any band of your choice , who do you wish to open up for ?

Why not reach for the stars: Opening for Rammstein would be amazing. I would be scared as hell to touch anything on that stage but this would be the ultimative challenge to keep up with a band as Rammstein.


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