JorZine - Interview with CROW7

Interview with CROW7

Band: CROW7

By: Salma ben rached - 2012-08-02

After reviewing German band, CROW7's record, "Symphony of Souls", JorZine was given the opportunity to discuss with CROW7 the numerous aspects in regard to their album, their future plans, and much more! They've given us an explanation about what lies beneath the musical content of the record.

JZ: Unfortunately, there might be folks out there who have never heard of CROW7 before. Could you introduce yourselves to our readers? How did you decide on the name of the band?


CROW7 is surrounded by the energy of mystic forces that brought us to call ourselves "CROW7". The name was derived from an ancient Indian Totem and the life path number of the band founder and leader Corbin Eved. The life path of the number 7 and the power of the Crow united to form CROW7. The music style of CROW7 is a mix between Progressive, Metal and Rock even the appearance of us seems to be more Gothic or Metal.

JZ: You describe your music as ProMeRo (Progressive Metal Rock); as it blends many of the genres of Heavy Metal in with Rock. How do you incorporate so many influences in your music? Was it hard to pull off?


ProMeRo is our style and this is typical for our music to put our roots into our compositions. Our musical style flows naturally.

JZ: Corbin Eved, your vocals are so classical and the familiarity in your voice will draw listeners directly into the music. Was "Symphony of Souls" an opportunity to experiment and expand your vocal skills or it was no different than any record you've done before?


We started the recording the vocals for the album "Symphony Of Souls" after the big European Tour in 2011. I thought this tour would damage my voice but the opposite happened. I could easily transfer the energy onto the album.

JZ: Is there a track on the album that you think best represents CROW7 or one that is a favorite to play on stage?


All songs are our favorites, but we discovered that during the live shows our fans have some favorites like, Symphony Of Souls, Ocean Of Fire or Final Ride.


JZ: Was there any special effort placed on the lyrics and the musical content in order to blend into the disparity of what you described as, "stories of life between light and darkness"? Or did it just come naturally?


The lyrics reflect on things that we have experienced ourselves, or things that we heard from other people. Things that happen around the world, you see stories that happen in the news every day. We also wrote about evil fantasy creatures, but every fantasy has a deeper meaning.
We believe that light can only exist through darkness; the good in us lives in balance with evil. The music relates directly to this philosophy taking the listener on a sonic journey through the dimensions of good and evil in a world.

JZ: I have to comment on the length of the album though as, at times, it felt like the tracks were endless. Were you tempted to carry on with the songs and make them this long, adding more guitar line or vocals?


We were not tempted to make the songs longer as needed. It was a flow, coming out of us and making the songs how they are. For the next album, we will not take 15 tracks because a lot of people crab about it. But our fans love the length of the album and they are happy about it.

JZ: You have toured with HAGGARD, which must have been thrilling! What were the highlights of the tour? Any significant stories which you'd like to share?


It was really thrilling and there are a lot of stories to tell, which would break the mold. Corbin had cut his finger that required stitches in Bremen, in Budapest the promoter was scared about the building, because the sound affected the stability of the building's foundations - crazy but true. We met a lot of nice and fantastic people and found a lot of fans, especially in Bucharest which was the most thrilling concert on the tour.

JZ: Are you guys planning on touring or writing new material? What are your future plans? Any other tours of this gravity on the horizon for CROW7 maybe?


Sure we would like to travel the whole world and spread our music to the rock-loving people. We will do a small tour through Europe this year in autumn and, sure we would like to visit your country, but therefore we need to be more popular - we think.
Also we would like to do a supporting tour with a popular band, which we are discussing, but nothing concrete yet. We will keep you posted if there is any news.


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