JorZine - Interview with Sinprophecy

Interview with Sinprophecy

Band: Sinprophecy

By: Rana Atef - 2016-11-23

Last Month, the Egyptian Melodic Death/Doom Metal band Sinprophecy has released its first album. Through Sacrifice and Redemption is one of the long waited Egyptian Metal releases in 2016. Jorzine had the chance to have a short interview with Sinprophecy's vocalist/Lyricist Sayed Ragai.


Here we go,

I will start the interview with asking about the concepts of Through Sacrifice and Redemption.

Through Sacrifice and Redemption is narrating different individual stories but they are all related and pouring at the same pot. The main theme of the album and the band as well is the relation between Sin and Humanity, this what we tried to deliver in this release. We used the angry gloomy music and the strong explicit lyrics that full of hatred and despair explaining sin in so many different ways; it is like a story and each track is a chapter of it. We wanted the album to take you through a 40 minute journey that contains a lot of mixed feelings (Hate, Love, Anger, Loss, Hope, shame...etc) and hope we did it well.

I can say that the album is a result of struggling years we've been through, ups and downs, unfortunate circumstances, moments of sadness, joy and believing. So in behalf of Sinprophecy, I would like to thank our great friends, fans and everyone who trusted us, supported us and believed in us throughout our short musical journey, we are really appreciate it.


2- Can you give us more details about the process of recording and composing the album?


Well, we started writing this album since 2011 and we finished it in 2013. After that, we started to work on another album and we almost finished 70% of its composing. We already have performed some of its tracks live, so we decided that it's the time to record our material. So, we started the recording in 2013 at Vibe Studios, then we worked on the mixing and mastering with Mr. Moanis Salem from (Crescent - Finis Omnium) and our dear friend Mohamed Tarek Alkhaleel worked on the orchestral parts in the album. Finally, we released some tracks of the album starting from 2014 till we released the full length in 2016. To be honest, we took time more than we've expected because the full length should've been released 2 years ago. As I mentioned before, we've been through unfortunate circumstances that slowed down all the process, but the most important thing that the album is out now.


3- As many of the Egyptian fans know that you performed some tracks from the album live before recording them like Tears of A Sinner, Summoning, and War Shall Begin, What did Sinprophecy add to the recording stuff ?


Yes I know that we release 4 tracks from the album but we just wanted to give our fans something as an appreciation for them as many people were asking us about the studio version of our tracks, and talking about the parts the we added there is (Sinprophecy, Decay, Roots Of Bleak, Condolences, and a small piece as an interlude called As I Lay)


4- Lately, Sinprophecy has started to change its music mood and taste. Especially, you posted a short video of acoustic version for one of your originals, Why did Sinprophecy decide to take this challenge?


As you said it's a challenge, which was always a part of Sinprophecy's personality since years ago. When we decided to play this genre, Melodic Death/Doom was never familiar between Metal bands in Egypt and we did it. When I deiced to add spoken narrative parts in our tracks, when we released a professional lyrical video, and when we shot our first official video clip, so moral of the story is we believe in what we do, and we were never ashamed to play acoustic, actually it was a big challenge for me as an extreme metal vocalist to sing clean parts, and I really loved the experience.



5- Echoes Of Silent Hymns was a big surprise for the Egyptian Metalheads. From the dynamic melodies, and harsh strong vocals to calm piano, violins, sweet vocals of Nour Khan. How did the idea of Echoes of Silent Hymns come to your mind?


Yes you are totally right in this one too, well the answer of that question is related to the previous one, it was a part of the challenge and me as Sayed, I really love spoken and narrative lyrics with soft music and gloomy melodies such the great stuff we get from Saturnus. We are all as Sinprophecy inspired by them, and talking about Nour Khan, I believe that she was the perfect one to share the vocals with me in this track as I'm a big fan of her voice and she's really talented, also she's totally inspired by Doom and Emotional Atmospheric music, so this track totally suits her, and at the end she did her part very well.


6- you have been away from the stage for more than one year, Did Sinprophecy stopped its live shows for recording the album ?


Actually it's 2 years now, and yeah recording the album was a big part from our stage absence, plus the unfortunate circumstances that I've mentioned before.


7- At the end of the interview, What are the next plans of Sinprophecy?


To be honest for one more time, we still don't have a specific plan or timing but we're looking forward to record our second release and maybe we can perform outside Egypt, Who Knows!!!
And at the end I would like to thank Jorzine and Ms. Rana Atef for their concern and for the amazing efforts as well ... Cheers and let the sin rise upon their non-exist utopia!!!


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