JorZine - Interview with Alpha. Kenny. Buddy

Interview with Alpha. Kenny. Buddy

Band: Alpha. Kenny. Buddy

By: Rana Atef - 2016-11-21

After the great success of Metal Mania I, JoScene announced the full details of Metal Mania II in The Music Room. This event features 4 bands in its line up. Alpha. Kenny. Buddy is one of the participated bands in the forthcoming event. JorZine interviewed the band to know their thoughts and expectations regarding Metal Mania II.

  1. First of all, the name of the band really attracted me, it is really strange one so How did you choose the name of the band and why?

  • We started off for a very simple reason. To release all our frustrations and create a skeletal reflection of that very purpose. There’s no deeper meaning behind the name itself; it’s downright silly - But that was kind of the point. We wanted to channel an attitude so sincerely apathetic and ironically angry that we thought - Whatever; let our screams be heard, our riffs penetrating, and our public perception be damned.

  1. Don't you think that playing this genre especially, in the Middle Eastern scene is a challenge?

  • It’s a problem almost anywhere that “true metal” is appreciated. Here’s the thing though; we just wanted our expression of music to felt wholeheartedly within brutally candid grooves. We just happened to fall under the Nu genre and embraced it as such. It definitely does affect the way metal heads perceive us, but we’re not the kind to bend over backwards - Kind of goes against what we’re against. Let bitter words bite those with moisturized skin.

  1. In your point of view why many of the Metal heads criticize this genre negatively?

  • It’s probably because the lead representatives of the genre were such front-running douchebags and maybe because a side of groove with your metal isn’t all that BRUTAL \m/\m/\m/!

  1. How did the members of the band meet?

  • We all bumped into each other at Bed Bath & Beyond.

  1. You won the battle of bands sponsored by Jack Daniels, How did you get the chance to participate?

  • We honestly weren’t sure if we should have, considering “battles” usually favour slightly more commercial acts. We had a few close friends who encouraged us to go ahead and sign up. All turned out for the best I guess.

  1. What are the difficulties you face while composing and producing your music?

  • Probably giving each individual member room to communicate their vision of the songs. The passion we all share tends to heat things up.

  1. Through your different live shows, what are you going to add in your upcoming concert in Metal Mania II in the Music Room?

  • We’re going to be focusing on our album Violent Asymmetry. Since we’ve been on such a long hiatus, we would prefer focusing on the music that has kept us inspired most recently.

  1. Did any other bands in your local scene support you through your career?

  • Realistically, no.

    9. Send a message to the people who will come to see you live in Metal Mania II.

  • Must come and have a good time


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